Anyone own Linear Tube Audio Amps?

I am considering  buying an new LTA 40 Integrated amp. MSRP $7,650. 45 wpc.

I was considering the new ARC I-50 but now think this product may suit me better.


My speakers are Tannoy -94 Sensitivity and Fritz-87 Sensitivity. They both are fine

with my current Pass Labs INT25. 

The room is medium sized. I listen at quite low levels 60-70 db. Jazz & vocal mostly.

My thinking is that I will still get good detail but ad the warmth of tubes.

LTA gives a 14 day trial so I can a/b them with the Pass.


I checked the archives and nothing there of help.


Love to hear from any LTA fans.



If you are interested in detail at any cost then don’t consider the ARC i50. But if you want beautiful music rendered in natural tone with great detail then get the ARC i50! I have heard the other ARC integrated, they are beautiful… midrange bloom, fully fleshed out and detailed bass. I have a friend who has heard the i50… it is like the higher powered integrated. You will not need more power. The rhythm and pace (musicality) of the ARC is amazing, without loosing the detail.

You can see my prejudice by looking at profile for my systems.

LTA is excellent to work with as well. I bought my MHDT Orchid DAC from them. Nicholas has always answered my questions thoroughly, great customer service.

I recently bought their ZOTL 40 with the NOS Mullard EL34's.  LTA stated that it is their warmest offering, and I would say that it is not warming things much at all.  It's a great integrated, but it needs to pair with a spearker/room set up that works with fairly neutral, articulate, speedy sound.  I'm going to try to find the right speakers to match them for a system, as I'm pretty sure they will be dynamite when matched right.

Wow now that was exactly what I hoped others would have to share!

WJ- Good feedback thanks. I did speak with Nicolas this afternoon.

He suggested some of his buyers traded Pass for LTA and were pleased.

Recommended the 20 INT over his 40. Cost same.

JJ49- Agree with your I-50/Zotl comparison. Nic said I should expect

most of the detail of the Pass only with more openness. Did not mention

loss of bass grip but...


RA81-Which speakers with the Ultra? Room size? Listening level? Thank you.


GHD- I see you have much experience in the ARC world. I have another friend

who is with you there. We toured the ARC facility last Sept which was what got me

started on this I-50 tangent. Have you had an opportunity to hear any of the

LTA products?


I own Ultralinear amps on Fyne (modern Tannoy) and it’s a superb match. I had the XA25 before and it did not have superior bass.