Anyone own Innersound Speakers?

Are they as awesome as I am reading? Can anyone give a direct comparison between ML? Particularly the Eros MKII...the integrated amp/x-over is interesting.
Some one please remind Mdom about the importance of proper amp for electros. I've heard the midsize ML's hooked up to a big Krell and they sounded great, except the bass was not too good. Then i heard the ML Ascents at a friends house hooked up to Conrad Johnson tube mono blocks. Played classical and R&R, horrible! I think Innersound has a at home trial basis thing. That's probably best. Shipping will be expensive, but worth it. It'll cost about $150 UPS to ship back.
I own the original eros. When I bought them, I took them to my favorite high end shop to do an a/b with the ML requests. While comparable in the midrange and treble (with the ML's midrange slightly recessed in my opinion), the bass of the eros surpassed the ML in every respect - it was quick, tight, deep and seamlessly integrated with the panel while the ML was slow, loose and just didn't seem to integrate well with the panel. I believe this is due to the transmission line woofer that the eros uses. The only trade off with the eros is the narrow sweet spot (a conscious design choice by Mr. Sanders)- which is actually large enough for two people. If you would like to read more, there is a good thread called a tribute to roger sanders and innersound which contains a longer description of the eros and many customer comments. The bottom line - I really love my eros and am going to keep them but upgrade them to the mk3's. But, as I always say, your ears are the ones that matter - so listen to the choices out there and see what you like. - Scott
Anyone in NYC with these speakers?

Call Roger Sanders ( I'm not sure about NYC, but he told me on the phone he has some dealers in North Jersey.

Good luck.