Anyone own/heard the Trancendent BEAST amp?

I have always been intriqued by this (Transcendent Sound) company over the years, but never had a chance to hear their gear. At their website they have listed a model dubbed "The Beast" which is a 165 watt per mono-block OTL amp.

Anyone out there heard or own?
I have not heard the beast, But have a friend who owens two sets of bruces T-8 OTL's, I think they sound as good or better than any thing I have heard. I personaly own two of his designs, A set of DIY super compact 150 (no longer made) mono blocks using a push pull design at 150w a piece. And a DIY grounded grid per with a tube powered CCS. You realy can't go wrong with the Transcendent gear. I will be building a set of beast for my next project. If You buy one get it in kit form, its not that hard to build and you can save more money. Regards, Karas
$1400. to retube - Yikes!!
Are better deals out their? My freind decided to change over to the new type of 509 tube (the one that does not have a cap), I beleve their made by JJ. Anyway he bought 34 tubes over seas for $1000