Anyone Own Gallo Due Speakers?

Several weeks ago I started looking for some smaller speakers for my bedroom system. Due to room size and the placement of furniture; I am pretty much limited to mounting the speakers on wall brackets.
I had posted a thread some weeks ago asking for suggestions; and listened to a few of the suggested models. But then I heard about the Gallo Due speakers; and had a listen at a local dealer. I have to admit for a smaller speaker, I enjoyed the sound - especially since I had them placed literally next to the back wall of the listening room. I also understand they are also quite efficient, not needing a higher-powered amp to drive them.
I would like to hear from anyone on Audiogon who has actually been using the Gallo Dues - rather than just giving them a listen. What do you like about them? Are they hard to break in? Would like to know - since they seem to be a good "solution" for my wall placement and yet provideing decent sound.
I owned Due's for about a year, loved them ! They didn't have quite the power and dynamics in the mid's I love, but the combo of the range of the small sphere's with the CDT tweeter was great.

I had driven them with 22wpc tube integrated, and 35wpc hybrid integrated. Even tried them a tiny bit with 3.5watt 2A3 monoblocks. Didn't have them in long enough to really test them, but the combo produced enough volume to suit my taste. Supposedly 93db efficient, and I wouldn't necessarily argue.

Regarding break-in, they can be dry and recessed a bit for a while ( at least in my system). But they come out of the shell, and they were extended and airy up top, smooth down to about 70-75Hz(needs a sub). Again, not the best dynamics in midrange, but pretty great overall.

I ended up selling them recently, only because they were unused; I had hoped to put them in a second system (with the 22 watt tubed integrated), but the place was a 4-year old's playroom, so no go. Due's gone, and so will be the amp.

Good luck, hope this has helped....

Todd / chams_uk
I too owned the Dues and liked them very much. I only had them for a short time (in an apartment), drove them nicely with a Bryston B-60 integrated, and sold them because when I moved to my house there was no good place for them. They DEFINITELY require a subwoofer. Gallo says that they reach down to like 60 or 80 Hz but IMHO (and in the opinion of other dealers and owners to whom I've spoken) there is little useful info below about 100-120 Hz from the Dues. Otherwise, nice crisp nonfatiguing top end and super mids.
Many thanks to both of you for taking the time to write down your thoughts about the Gallo Due Speakers. Given the favorable listening session I had here locally, I think I will be buying a pair in white very soon. Your feedback about these amazing speakers also helped me decide this will be a worthwhile upgrade to my bedroom system.
I have been using the Gallo Dues for 6 months now.
They are being driven by an Audio Research system comprising : ARC CDT1 digital transport, ARC DAC1 converter, ARC LS3 pre-amp and ARC S115Mk.II power amp and a REL STRATA II sub-woofer.
The Gallos are wall-mounted 7ft. apart on a 11ft. wall and the distance to the rear wall is 13ft. Now for the evaluation.
The speakers sounded rather harsh during the first two months. Thereafter the system began to sound so much alive and produced sound that was so real. It was quite a revelation.
And this is after comparing with a Magneplanar 3.6 speaker system which I have been using for the last two years and Martin Logan CLS speakers and QUAD ELS63 which I had used previously.
I took a gamble and, without prior listening, changed to the Gallos because of space limitations and find that I gained more than I had expected.
I believe that you will not be disappointed in choosing the Dues and should you get them try out different spacings on the wall before wall-mounting them and of course you definitely need a sub-woofer.
Good Luck and Happy Listening.