Anyone own Eggleston Works Isabel?

Just curious if anyone has heard this or spent time with it in your room. Also, what amplification did you use? Thanks.
I use a pair as rear channels to a pair of Andra II's, but from time to time I have tried them as main speakers to see what they can do. They are usually driven by an NAD 370 and sound fine, but I have also hooked them up to my main amps, a pair of Classe CAM-350's, and they sound even better. Their sound is startlingly big, with a wide soundstage, very precise imaging, and more bass than you would ever expect. In a medium sized room, they do an extraordinary job for their size.
Thanks, would you say they are similiar in sound to the Andras, just missing the bottom end? Thanks
They have sonic similarities,at least you can a taste
Of Andra,the Andra are just differrent speakers,
But the Isabel I prefer them over the NO5,the MOdel
one totem.They are very good speakers.
Hi. The basic sound from highs through the midrange is similar, but below that of course there is nowhere near the impact of the Andra or Andra II in the bass, or richness, especially of the II's, in the lower midrange. But for their size they're surprisingly satisfying.
I have posted in the past with the same components, however; different speakers. Recently I bought a pair of Egglestonworks Isabel and matching stands online from Perotta Consulting. I must say, Anthony Perotta is patient and knows his stuff and I don't think you can beat his prices, I will probably purchase an MBL cd transport from him in the future. Jim Thompson from Egglestonworks also gives the confidence of support for his speakers and actually cares about your feedback. That said, the Isabel replaces a pair of Piega C-3 LIMITED. The Piegas were a great pair of speakers, however; I could not get close to them, as in never fully relaxed or drawn into the music. It had nothing to do with the speakers, it was just not my cup of tea. The system the Isabels were hooked to are Krell pre & amp, CEC transport, Levinson dac, DCS Purcell Upsampler, Hydra, Exact Power voltage reg., Jena Labs balanced ICs, bybee filters and Mit MH-750 Magnum speaker cables. Being an Audiophile for over 35 years (I started young) to say the least I've owed way too many speakers, Spicas, several pairs of Magnaplanars, several Martin Logans, Wilson Watts with Entec subs, Avalons, Duntech (Australian Model)Black Knights etc. I am sure there is more. My favorite all time speakers were the Black Knights. The Dynaudio drivers to me translate the music in a natural and realistic way. I refigured my listening room and only smaller speakers would surfice and the Black Knights were sold. What followed, were all types of smaller speakers and I was not satisfied with any of them. Ten years have past since the Black Knights were sold and moving from speaker to speaker has proven fruitless until the Isabels. I heard the Egglestonworks Fontaines at the NYC CES and was floored by them. Very similar sound to the Duntechs minus the bass. I finally said what the hell and ordered the Isabels and stands. I could not be happier. The Dynaudio Esotar tweeter is smooth, natural, extended and sweet, the best I've heard. The Morel 6" driver is also very good and blends nicely with the tweeter. The Isabels has many strengths as in pinpoint imaging, soundstage height, width and depth are excellent(not just for a monitor, for any size speaker)texture, transients,transparency and such are top shelf. The downside an octave or so of bass is missing. It is not really missed in certain generes of music, but in some venues, you yearn for some low bass. I know I did, so I hooked up my Rel Strata 111 sub to the Isabels and my jaw dropped. Every strength of the Isabel noted above got better and now real deep bass. The search is over for me, Ilove them and they are not even fully broken in. If you are looking for speakers, Egglestonworks should be on the top of must listen to. One warning, use high end components to drive them and reap the rewards.
one year after... I'm an happy owner of Eggleston Isabel in search for the good amp match. Any suggestion would me more than welcome.
12 years after I will be, about september or october, the owner of a pair of Isabel and I think to use 2 mono amps meridian 105 with them.  They are vintage amps but with a power of 100wx2 of good quality and I'm sure they ll be a good couple, in my little room. At the moment the amps give their power to a couple of merlin tsm that uses about the same morel woofer of the Isabel  with big satisfaction, but I wanted that esotar tweeter I have appreciated so much at a friend s home.   In any case some years ago I bought a pair of Vtl tiny triode that I will be glad to test with the new arrival.  
Please make me know your actual choice (with the Isabel?).