Anyone own both Dynaudio Excite X12's and Focus 160's?

I currently own the X12's, and am thinking of getting the 160's in the future if I find a good deal. I'm powering them with a Rega Elex-R, and the thing I like most bout the X12's is that they sound really good at lower volumes. I live in a condo, so can't really crank it very often, and I'm wondering if the 160's will sound as transparent, and effortless as the X12's at lower volumes, or do they need to be cranked a bit more to get the most out of them. Thanks in advance for any replies.

don't own either, but have auditioned both--the focus was much superior to my ears, as befits a much more expensive speaker. i did look at the published specs and sensitivity was about the same, so they should get sound about as loud with the same power
Thanks loomisjohnson - and at least you have heard both models. And I already suspected the 160's would be better, and the specs are similar, but . . . I've bought more expensive gear in the past thinking that it would necessarily be better than what I already have, only to be disappointed (as I'm sure most of us in this hobby have). Any others?
I find all Dyn speakers to have an unmistakable house sound. I've heard the excites several times and I would put them in the 'more lively' category. Speakers like the Contour and Confidence are more 'laid back' and more refined. I had the original C1's for several years before upgrading to the Signatures. The MKII and Sigs are identical SQ wise and what surprised me the most with the Sigs is they sounded much better at lower listening levels. That said I have not personally heard the Focus 160's
I've heard the Focus 160s and enjoyed them very much at lower volumes; they offered superior clarity compared to the Focus 140s I had before. I found the highs to be a bit emphasized when listening at higher volumes, but most people on the forum I generally participate in had a different experience from me. I would suggest an audition if you're able to find a pair of them; for lower-level listening, they were awesome.
I have auditioned both at home, and I thought the 160s were by far the superior speaker - more detailed, more transparent, and more musical.  The only problem for me was that their bass was overwhelming in my room (an apartment living room, about 12x16 ft.).  It was too much, especially if I didn't want to annoy the neighbors.  Obviously, each room is different, but the additional bass response is something to consider.

I think they also come with port bungs (the official term for plugs, heh) if you’re putting them close to a wall.
Thanks for all the feedback.
In case anyone cares, I did eventually get a pair of Focus 160's, and I ended up selling them as I preferred the X12's. The tweeter in the 160's was definitely superior - more open and airy, but the bass response was not as tight and punchy as the X12's. Of course in a different room, with a different amp, I might go the other way, but I just thought that the balance between highs and lows was better with the X12's.
I have the X12's and Contour 1.1's. The 1.1's have lots of bass compared to the X12's. I love the highs X12's. Maybe more forward but the sound I prefer. The Contour's while maybe smoother do not sound as detailed in my small 9x12 office. The X12's are perfect. Not Focus but more expensive is not always better in my room.