Anyone own/auditioned new Genesis G6.1's ?

I heard these at a dealer while travelling out of town recently and was VERY impressed by a brief audition.

Anyone have any experience with and can offer comparisions to other speaks in this price range? VMPS RM40, ML "Summits", etc.??
I was set on purchasing B&W 802D's. I just happen to audition the Genesis 6.1 just as an afterthought. I am no longer considering the 802D's! The 6.1's are amazing. MUCH deeper and wider soundstage, better imaging. I plan on auditioning the new Genesis 5.2 next week before I make a final decision.
Very good Benfmd. Yes, please let us know your impressions of the 5.2 as well.

Also, those interested, a "new" review just popped up at the excellent Positive Feedback @

The reviewer, while obviously a Genesis fan (the speaker co., not the group) nonetheless raves and indicates that these are THE speakers to beat, in, at, or well above this price point.

Being a dipole fan, I am now wondering how these would compare to the new Logan Summits....?

So much gear, so little time and $$$ ;)
I just auditioned the new Genesis 5.2 yesterday. In short, the 6.1's are MUCH MUCH MUCH BETTER in every way. The 5.2's sound like small speakers, with sub par detail dowm low. Of the three speakers I auditioned I would rank them in the follwoing order:

1) Genesis 6.1 (possibly the best speaker I have heard to date)
2) B&W 802 D
3) Genesis 5.2 (this is a distant third)
I was wondering if anyone had had a listen to this speaker, it seems like a perfect candidate for a nice powerful tube amp.
Does it play music or just HT??.
Anyone else out there in audio-land heard the 6.1's ??!
Both the 6.1's and the 5.2's are excellent speakers. In my opinion the 5.2's are far better then the 6.1's. I think that Benfmd might have heard the 5.2's either not broken in or not set up right. The 5.2's have more detail in both high and low end and throw a much bigger sound stage. Please do not get me wrong, the 6.1's have a nice sound stage and a lot of detail. But we are talking about two different animals. The 5.2's are quite a bit more money but well worth every penny. The 6.1's at there price point are UNBEATABLE. The best thing about both these speakers is that they have self powered subs (less work for your amps) and they can be adjusted for gain, lowpass, and have LFE inputs. In a nutshell they are very flexable!