Anyone own an NAD M 5 CD player?

Hi Folks,
I just purchased an NAD M5 CD player that was a store demo from a dealer and hardly used. Upon first few hours I wasn't too impressed due to constricted dynamics and closed in sound. However, after some hours of burn in, this may be the best CD player I've ever owned. Incredible dynamics now, and imaging is great, and tonally I think it's incredibly accurate. Anyone else have similar opinions on these players? Are they pretty reliable? Thanks.
I have had quite a few of the sub $3500 players.
I did demo one of these recently for an afternoon
hooked up to my Mcintosh int amp.

I was shocked to say the least. I always thought NAD
made good stuff for the money, but this player really
did shine with the detail and resolution. I thought
it bettered quite a few "big names" in this price category.

I liked the idea it had XLR outputs and is the only
player I know of that plays HDCD and SACD. Seperate
signal paths for CD and SACD.