Anyone own an AudioDharma cable cooker?

I've often wondered about this "machine" from Audio Excellence AZ and whether it is effective in improving sonic character of cables?

How long do you leave cables on the cable cooker? Are there significant time differences for PCs, SCs, ICs, silver, copper, etc.? Does the unit come with detailed instructions and guidelines?
Have used mine for years.
Takes the guessing out of "is this cable burned in yet?"
I would describe the effect as perhaps taking the rough edge off of new cables and bringing a little life back into old cables that have been unused for awhile.
Otherwise, I have not noticed "night and day" differences between before and after conditioning.

General guidelines for conditioning times;
PCs and SCs - 3 days
ICs - 2 days
I add a couple of days to the above for solid silver.
I suggest after conditioning, that you place the cables in your system for a few days to judge the effect and then repeat if you desire.
Again, don't expect it to change the entire character of a cable.
For more info, go to a asylum and look up posts by Alan Kafton and also go to the Audio Excellence Az website.
The differences between cooked and uncooked cables are quite noticeable, much cleaner/open and involving. I've heard drastic changes on PCs that I've had in use for 2+ years.
I have owned one for many years. Excellent product!
I own one but it seems at 24 hours any cable sounds thinner and brighter. When I do a music burn-in at 24 hours, the cables sound better. Does not make much sense, I know.
From my experience with Audioquest, Morrow, Acoustic Zen, and Synergistic Research cables, the AudioDharma Cable Conditioner will fully "open up " cables that have been in a system for hundreds of hours. I really think the Audio Dharma Conditioner is a manditory piece of equipment for serious audiophiles.

It'll take 72 hrs after cooking for the cable to settle into your system and that's when you'll hear the benefits of cooking. Happy listening...
What they said, read the web site and experiment. Benefits are lower noise floor and u can hear more deeply into the sound stage. May be worth repeating every 6 months for 4-6 hours. I've had ICs I've used for 2-3 years that sounded much better after first cooking suggesting they never really get broken in by just playing.
You will never hear how good your cables can sound if they're not cooked and demos will seem pointless without a cable cooker.

I've made many bad cable purchases and the cycle was broken a few years ago when a local audiophile friend cooked at least 4 pairs of IC/2 pairs SC and I couldn't believe my ears. Differences between cables are easily revealed...

Every quarter I recharge all of my cables to keep them at their optimum level. This is a piece of equipment that all serious music lovers need...
Make that if they're not cooked AND cryo'd.