Anyone own an Audiocontrol Maestro M3 Processor?

I am in the process of upgrading my Onkyo Pro SC-885 home theater processor and came across the Audiocontrol Maestro M3. Can anyone tell me anything about this processor as to pros/cons, 2.1/5.1/7.1 sound quality.etc. also any comparisons with other equipment. Compatibilities/incompatiblities? Thx in advance...

Listening preference is 50/50 movies music.

System now:
Parasound HCA 2205AT(220 x 5)
Oppo BDP SE(analogue 2.1/5.1 multichannel)
Full Paradigm Signature 5.1 Speaker system
Full Synergistic Research Tesla speaker wire, intrconnects, power cords.etc.
Samsung 58" 850 series plasma.

Regards Bacardi