Anyone own a Red Rose Preamp?

I was looking at preamps and someone told me to check out the Red Rose line level 3. Has anyone heard the preamp? What are your thoughts and how does it compare to the competition, Hovland 100, Joule LA-100/150, Lamm LL2, First Sound?

I have an Audio Prism Mantissa, which was bought by Red Rose and is called the Model 3. The Mantissa came in 3 flavors, the standard, the upgraded power supply, the silver signature (which includes the upgraded power supply). I'm not sure what the Red Rose Model 3 includes.

As for my experience, I had a McCormack TLC-1 (passive) into a DNA .5 Deluxe amp. I searched long and hard to find a preamp that had the transparency of the passive but added the bloom of tubes andas well as the added dynamics that a passive doesn't necessarily give you. Damn, it's amazing how colored most active preamps sound after having a passive. I tried ARC, CAT, BAT, Audible Illusons and others in many flavors. The CAT Ultimate would have been my second choice over the Mantissa (but it was a cost based issue). The BAT's were also nice, but the Mantissa won out. For the $2000 list price (street price of $1500-1750) it was a steal. Now I'm sure Red Rose charges a lot more and puts it in direct competition with the CAT and the others you mentioned, like the LAMM and Joule and Hoveland. That's where it belongs, but I really can't say how it compares to them, I only compared to others at the $2000-2500 price point.

One positive thing, you don't see many for sale used. That's usually a telling sign.

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I own the Hovland HP-100. I have not heard another preamp at any price that compares in many ways. Certainly there are some that are better in some ways, but not the important ways. There is the difference. I have heard Red Rose equipment at Mark Levinson's store on Madison Ave. in NYC and at Home Entertainment. I cannot remember if I heard the piece you mention specifically. I am a fan of his former Connecticutt company, not among the impressed with the new NY based firm.
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I also own an audioprism mantissa and I am almost positive that the silver signature while much costlier did not come with the upgraded power supply(for the cost of the silver mantissa you would think it would have).

the upgraded power supply is 3 times the size of the standard one.

My buddy here has a silver mantissa and the PS is identical to mine.