Anyone own a Monster AVS 2000 ?

I'am considering this unit and was wondering how constant a voltage this unit is able to maintain. I know that there are three digital meters on the front. One shows actual line voltage delivered to the unit from the wall, another the voltage the unit is delivering to the system, and a third the difference between the other two. I would like to know how close to 120 volts the unit is able to maintain in actual use. If you have this unit dose the digital read out always stay a constant 120 volts or does it vary by a tenth of a volt or more on the meter? Thanks in advance Gary
If your power is constant or fluctuates only gradually the AVs 2000 will remain spot-on. If your power fluctuates rapidly or flutters it may have problems keeping up. I use mine with my projector to protect the bulb. For this application it works very nicely.

Very occasionally my unit get "hiccups" and makes clicking noises as it attempts to deal with power fluctuations. Just like any computer, disconnecting it temporarily from AC for a "hard restart" usually solves the issue.
Hi, My avs2000 fluctuates +/- 2 to 3 tenths of a volt on the output when the line voltage fluctuates -8 to +3 volts. The noises the unit makes are the servo switches changing taps on the transformer to stabilize the output voltage. The third display on mine is an amp-meter to show current draw of the connected load. I felt the avs200 made a noticeable difference in my system. Hope this helps.

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The inside of my AVS2000 looks like a giant rheostat with big wipers sliding around to keep the voltage stable. (I saw one with a plastic top at the dealer)
So because it is a mechanical device, it takes time to respond. thus I agree it can 'slip' and be a tenth or so off if the voltage changes suddenly.
Thanks for your responses. Since small fluctuations is what I'am now experiencing sounds like this may not be the solution. Does anyone think that continual small one tenth up and down changes is a bad thing or is this fairly normal? Before I got my Monster conditioner I was oblivious to what my line voltage was but now that I see it goes up and down by one to two tenths on a continual basis I guess it makes me Paranoid. Over a seven day period it will go from 120 volts to 125.5 volts but this is a slow and gradual change . In the four months that I had the conditioner it sounds great I guess I just need to quit looking at the meter and listen to music.