Anyone own a Melco turntable? or have info?

Hello, I am trying to track down info on the Melcos! Does anyone out there have one? or know anyone who does? I would also like to obtain info one them or any original paperwork pertaining to them. If I could also track down some parts including the large motor ,arm boards etc that would be great. I want to start a dedicated to the Melco where owners and other interested parties can obtain info and read some of the history behind the unknown gems. Any info from owners including which model they have,how they obtained it, and how long they have owned it would be great as I would like to determine production numbers and confirm the same for each of their models. As you may know info about them is very scarce at best and even most owners know very little about their great history. Being shortlived at best doesn't help matters. Thanks in advance for any tips and replies. Cheers Daren