Anyone out there with a Vandersteen Quatro Speaker

I'm trying to get the minimum room size required to house the Vandersteen Quatro speaker.
We have installed Vandersteen Quatros in rooms that were
as little as 12x 14 another 10 x 17 with no issues.
The speaker has a compensation feature that
makes placement simple.
If the speakers were to overload a room at a given point
the solution is made with a potential 11 bass level adjustments or corrections per channel that vary from 25 HZ to 130 HZ.
There is also a plus or minus main volume bass control and a bass contour control. Richard has it quite covered for a workable in room response in any room we have tried.
In many rooms placement was tuned at 4 inches out from the wall with fine results.
Cheers Johnnyr
Thanks for the response Johnnyr.
I do not own Quatros...have had other Vandy products in the past.

One item that Stang500hpaol did not mention is the minimum distance you must be from the drives for them to integrate (something that is required of 1st order crossover designs). I am not sure of the distance on the Quatros, but the 3A Sigs require 8 feet.

Others may have more could also check Vandersteen’s FAQ’s on their web site
Friendly Advice... I have an all Ayre top of the line system with Vandersteen 5A's. I'm bi-wireing with Anti-Cables. I've had everything in my system, and nothing except Audioquest Silver is at that level. They are cheap and excellent. Don't twist them, and keep lots of space between them. Lots of air, roundness, micro and macro dynamics, lows go to the center of the earth, the highs are silky sweet. They have a money back guarantee. A real find.
My room is 9f x 17f and they sound just fine.
Hi again . I forgot to give out distances from the side & back walls. Here they are : back wall 4 feet & 8 inch. side wall : 2 feet & 4 inch. 6 feet & 4 inch. between speakers. Seating position about 7 feet from each speaker. I hope it helps. Happy listening.
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