Anyone on Tungstram 6DJ8s?

I just replaced these in my Bel Canto SEP1 pre amp. I don't believe they are the stock tubes? What a difference with the change, but I was wondering if anyone knows the scoop on these babies? I never heard them mentioned on the 'gon.
Do you mean Tungsram? If yes, they are from Eastern Europe, probably Hungary.
You can find a lot of information on these in the Tube Forum at Audio Asylum.
I tried some Tungsram 6922. They were without question the worst tubes I have ever heard. Lifeless and listening with your head under a blanket.

On the other hand, I own some Tungsram 12AU7, and they are remarkably good. Similar in tone to Mullard.
Warren, I'm not familiar with your SEP-1 preamp. I tried to do some research on it in the threads, but not much info. Here's an interesting thread:

As I understand it, this preamp was designed to use two 6DJ8 tubes, the lowest in the line of this type family. I was going to recommend my favorite 6922 version the incomparable Siemens CCa, early 60's, grey plate, but they're very expensive. What matters is what you like. If the Tungsram sounds good to you, then enjoy it in your preamp. Tube rolling can be fun, but frustrating at times. I finally found what works best in my preamp and have stopped the tube rolling and began to stock-pile a few pairs for the future. Apparently there was a SEP-2 version where one owner liked a pair of early Amperex 6922 pinched waists. Have fun experimenting and Merry Christmas.
Sherod thanks for that link. Couldn't disagree more with that thread from AA, but hey, that's the audio way. Let a bunch of audiophools listen to the same thing, and ones going to think it's the best thing they ever heard, and one is going to hate it. The Bugle Boy 6DJ8s replacing the Tungsram, regardless, are a very positive sonic move for my rig. Happy Christams back at you Sherod, and thanks again for the info.
Grant, I also have a trio of Tungram 12AU7/ECC82.

You are very keen in your observations, oh wise one. As far as mine go, not only are they very similar in tone to Mullard - they ARE Mullards - manufactured in the Blackburn factory and labeled Tungsram!
Grant, I also have a trio of Tungram 12AU7/ECC82... not only are they very similar in tone to Mullard - they ARE Mullards - manufactured in the Blackburn factory and labeled Tungsram!
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Wow! Never heard of that. Good going, Joe. Mine are not manufactured by Mullard as far as I can tell. New production East European variety. But, they still have a Mullard-esque sound.
The Blackburn factory was located in the Black forest where little Elves actually made these magical tubes. Once the tube business slowed down to make way for the silicon industry, the elves got smart and started up the Keebler Co. where today they make excellent cookies,etc. It took years for some of the elves to get over the tubes they so magically made for Mullard and some are still under-going therapy to help build back up their "Elf" esteem.
a fellow A'GON set me a couple or pairs of tungsram & he said one was a phillips holland A FRAME & one was a EI. does that make any sence. also a EDICRON that he said was a tesla.