Anyone on The Waifs?

just found out about The Waifs via an archive 'gon thread. Shelter Me...oooh yes, indeed. This is an SET wonder. Live, intimate and very real. I know their entire discography, but is their anything that tops or equals Shelter Me. thanks in advance,

"Up All Night" was my intro album to The Waifs. They are a wonderful indy group out of Australia. I believe I have all their albums and this is the one I'd suggest next. The "London Still" cut is just wonderful.

They are a great group and the recordings are excellent, too. Highly recommended.
Get "a brief lesson in history" Live!
All are good. They don't have a big discography - I bet you'll end up with them all. The live one is the only disc of theirs I don't have (note to self).

i only have up all night and i love it. i find it unfortunate that i only heard of this group through my public radio station. it is because of this station i have found richard thompson, tom waits, sam phillips, t-bone burnett and so on...
in fact i think i will go look on line for their recordings
I ordered both of them. should be sweet.....

As I recall there is a great live double album, history of the waifs. Its great. They are superb live, heard them in San Fran in August.

If you like this stuff then you might like Paul Kelly.

Another suggestion would be Great Big Sea - although this is much more traditional folk music. "The Mermaid" is well recorded.
Thanks Shadorne, I'll check into it.