Anyone offer an opinion on Decware speakers?

Read the very interesting, and informative review of the 1.5? Decware speaks @

In purusing the Decware website, it looks like the next model up the tier might even be better?

Would like to hear from some Decware owners out there, and what other speakers they have owned or compared to.

PS: don't ya just love that Positive Feedback web-zine!?
Try the forum section at
Lots of comments on each specific speaker.
Good luck!
I have heard all three of their speakers: Towers, 1.5 and 3.0. My opinion follows: Towers - would not consider buying these...well made but not as impressive as the 1.5 or 3.0; 1.5 very nice, transparent, but a little thin in the low range; especially compared to the 3.0...these are truly remarkable, though a bit on the expensive side. While listening to the 3.0, someone walked into the listening room which had all 3 speakers in various places on a raised stage, and could not identify which speakers were playing... it was the 3.0! Talk about simply disappearing from the soundstage!