Anyone of you ever heard of Dissanayake?

This manufacturer is very well known in Italy where he lives and builds tube electronics of (if this still makes sense) extreme quality.
The point with Mr D. is its originality in circuits and tubes never used or rarely seen in audio designs!
I heard rumors that he produces alone and from scratch all the parts and labours of the various models. If this is true he must be considered a genius of tube gear. Just take a look to the photogallery page of his Web site:
Eclectic bunch of pictures and no info on their site to know what's under the hood but I like the red chassis!

@ david: that's part of the game, you don't have to know but just listen! :)
Anyway there is a little list of features at the end of the photogallery, that seems interesting.
People that I know, and whose mind I trust, tell me that these electronics are very well made and sound good.