Anyone noticed tiny cracks on the Pink Floyd SACD?

I posted this on another thread, but has anyone noticed tiny cracks at the spindle hole of the new Dark Side of the Moon? Do I have a bad disc?
The discs with "US" at the end of the item number are susceptible to the spindle cracks, from what I've heard. It happened to mine....I exchanged it for a non-US pressed item, and have had no problem. I don't know if the failure is a flaw in materials or manufacturing, buy it is appearing quite a bit on the "US" discs.
I didn't until I got the LP. After listening to the LP and SACD side by side I pulled the disc out and threw it against the wall. Hence the tiny little cracks!
Yeah I mocked the discoverer of this defect until it happened to me. There was a big to do over at Audio Asylum and there were reports about it on and another website which escapes my mind. The Japanese pressings have better quality artwork and the dont crack. I have both pressings. Im going to run the US version into the ground and then use the Japanese one.
I checked my U.S.SACD release after seeing this thread.
It has a bunch!
Whats the significants of this?
Where can I find a Japanese SACD of DSOTM?
I see them also, but just in the clear plastic radiating out @1/8" from spindle area not in the aluminum portion of CD. I just quickly checked a dozen other CDs at random and could find no other one with these cracks/ must be some defect in blank CD or recording process to CD.

As long as it doesn't approach aluminum area I am not concerned.
My US pressed DSOTM SACD also has crack around the spindle. I bought the SACD at Best Buy for about $13.00. After examining the packaging, I noticed the following disclaimer:

"This product is a Hybrid SACD designed to play in both CD and SACD players, as well as SACD compatible DVD players. The 5.1 SACD Surround Sound Mix requires a Multi-Channel SACD player ore compatible Surround Sound system. The 5.1 SACD Surround Sound Mix is not available using a standard CD or DVD player. This product is provided AS IS, without any express or implies warranties. SACD, DSD and their logos are trademarks of Sony."

All capitalization in this quote is the same as it appears on the package. Could it be that Capitol Records knew about the defects? Is Capitol knowingly selling the defective disks to discounters? Does the packaging on the Japanese pressing have the same disclaimer? I for one will be looking for a Japanese pressing of this disk. The crack on my copy is all the way around the center. I am worried that the center could break from the rest of the disk during playback. I do not have my receipt and in any case I doubt that Best Buy would take the disk back.
I picked up my Japanese pressing at Virgin. Check them out.