Anyone notice that Creek Audio has discontinued all affordable products?

I went to the Creek Audio website a few days ago to find some info on the Evo 100A integrated amp.  I was surprised and saddened to see that they have discontinued nearly everything that they've been offering over the last few years.  Their only products currently are a high-end integrated amp, they Voyage (around the $4-5K price point from what I can tell), a matching Voyage CD player, and one modest phono stage.  

On their blog, they say "Creek’s Voyage range and all future products will be aimed towards the high-end market in terms of performance and price point."  Obviously, they are a business and need to do what makes the most sense for them.  But I'm saddened that the affordable Creek integrated amps will no longer be made.  I found them to be very musical and enjoyable and an overall good value.
Some years back, I had a Creek Destiny integrated, with phono card, that I bought for a second system that I found to be absolutely fabulous. I sometimes so enjoyed listening to that rig that I didn't bother to head for the other room and fire up the main, much more expensive, stereo. Whatever Creek is up to these days, based on my little experience, I'd bet it's pretty great.