Anyone need expert turntable set-up in Central Ohio/Eastern Indiana?

Six months ago I hired Brian Walsh of fame to work on my two tables, a hot-rodded Thorens TD124 with Reed 3P arm and Ortofon Cadenza Bronze and a hot-rodded Shindo-like Garrard 301 with a Van den Hul Crimson Strad cartridge. I continue to be amazed by the positive changes Brian made possible to my system. I had no affiliation or past experience with or Brian and I am nothing more than a previous customer and fan. Brian typically charges for travel time from Chicago as well as his set-up services which are very involved using computer software. 
I just got word that Brian will be coming through Central Ohio and then towards Indianapolis on Monday morning. For those of you who are interested, Brian will not be charging for travel. If you have a modest set-up and don't need azimuth, SRA, or computer analysis, he will get your deck tuned up for as little as $150, maybe less. 
The full monty might run you twice that or so but it is worth every penny imho and takes almost two hours. 
Lastly, you need not be intimidated. Brian is very personable. 
Plug over. I gave you enough information that you can find his contact information on your own if you do a search. 
Ah geez, you overestimate my speed :-) I’m slow, usually more like 3 or 4 hours.

It just so happens I’m making a road trip to deliver something which on the return leg takes me across I-70 from Pennsylvania.

I was out there for THE Show last year and have family in SoCal. So any good excuse...