Anyone Near Harrisburg P.A selling used Rotel Nad

Anyone selling a Rotel older model or newer surround sound receiver or integrated amp? Anyone selling used Ra 1520, RSX 1057 etc? Anyone selling Nad c326bee or c316bee used near Harrisburg P.A?
Try the new zip code search on in the Audiogon Marketplace to find listings close to Harrisburg. I've found it quite useful. Either that or doing searches for NAD and Rotel then applying the zip code search. Lastly you could post a WTB listing. I'm shocked this went through. Prospecting for gear I thought was prohibited in the forum. Moderators were probably up late watching the Lakers vs OKC game.
thanks Jed I am new.
I have a RSX-1056 in excellent condition very little use if your interested, however I'm in TX.