Anyone moved on from Harbeth C7es3?

I've gone from Quad ESL57 to Harbeth C7s (because of space) over the last 3 years and I've been very happy but as I've starting playing more guitar my tastes have shifted and I've been longing a bit for a speaker that's more dynamic. Anyone made that move and what speaker were you happy with?
What amp are you using? I own the Compact 7es3, and used to think they did everything wonderfully except rock. I recently changed the amp from an LFD integrated to a Naim NAP200 (driven by Naim DAC v1). Now the C7s do everything wonderfully including rock. The NAP 200 has energized these speakers and brought solidity, definition, and control to the low end. They're still not monsters of slam, but I'm not yearning for a more dynamic speaker. The C7s do so much right that it might be worth considering a change in amplification before a change in speaker. Just a thought for the day...
I was using C7's, switched to Kudos C2 for a more dynamic presentation, soon switched back to Harbeth - M30.1s. I'm very happy.
I've written here extensively about my quest for something more full range and dynamically agile than my C7s. It took several years of looking but finally landed with Daedalus--the only speaker I've heard that is as musically natural, correct and convincing in the midrange as the Harbeth's but can rock the house. Lou's designs have only gotten better as time has gone by and I have continually updated my DA-1.1's over the years. He now has a number of different models for different room configurations. Really worth looking into--if you love your Harbeth's like I did you will swoon over Daedalus!
If you appreciate what your C7s do, I think the SHL5s are a big step up in terms of the size of the soundfield, coherence and low-end fullness. Definitely related to the C7s, but much better, IMO. I've demo'd both side by side and the difference is surprising.
I have heard the C7 and the SHL5 side by side. I personally prefered the C7's.
I do prefer a more dynamic and fast response