Anyone move up from Innuos Zen Mini to Zenith ?

Title pretty much says it all:  wondering if anyone out there has upgraded from the Zen Mini Mk3 to a Zenith Mk3? (skipping over the Zen Mk3).

I've been very pleased with the Mini, but reviews, and Innuos' website, all claim a new level of SQ will be reached going to the Zenith.  If the improvement is only marginal, I suppose I could spend that $ on better 300B tubes, and other improvements.  If significant, I may make that move.

Thank you in advance for any experience you may have with these servers.

Regards to all, Jim


I did just that and found the improvement to be significant and enjoyable.  Better micro dynamics (to me, all the peripheral sounds that give a better sense of realism) and greater presence and bloom.  With the Zenith, the music did not sound as thin as it did before at the same volume. I stick with moderate volumes.

I have, however, made many changes and improvements since the Zenith so I may not remember the exact details of the Zenith's contributions, but I do remember being very pleased with it when installed. 

Thanks, Tump, for sharing your experience.  

I stick with moderate volumes, too, and having a "greater presence and bloom" is a good description of what I am looking for.  The Mini, to me, has a bit of glare, or sharpness that I wouldn't miss.  

In fairness, I have generally been very pleased with the Mini, and I am loving the ease of access to my music, esp since Innuos launched their 2.0 Sense software!

Rest of my system is Counterpoint SE 5.1 preamp into a AES/Cary 300B SET amp into Klipschorns with full Volti upgrade package. (and Wow, that was a stunning improvement!)

Thanks again, Tump!    -Jim


I own both the Zen Mini with LPS, and the Zenith.

The Zenith is definitely more resolving than the Mini. I am debating about moving to the Statement.

In the mean time, I just scored a used Phoenix USB, so I will see how that affects sound reproduction.


Our friend Mr. Darko said the Zenith was only a slight improvement over the ZEN 3

at double the cost. I went that route. One reason to move up from the Mini is

that you use your own DAC. Take a look at the HiFi Rose Streamer just released

this year too.