Anyone modify the K&K phono stage?

Was wondering if there were mods done to this unit by audiogon members.

K&K have a forum at Audio Asylum. I'll bet you find someone there who has played with different mods.
I believe designer Kevin already offers the most wortwhile mods... you can play with personal preference tweaks.. for example Kevin prefers Cardas caps over Vcaps.. and of course the small stuff - tube dampers (I use herbie's), footers.. etc. Mine was built with an outboard power supply, which freed up space for Kevin to install an S&B TVC.

If you haven't installed the Lundahl LL1931 SUTs, the Cardas caps or the Audio-Note tantalum resistor upgrades in your unit, I suppose that would be an excellent starting point. As Dan advises, search through the K&K asylum archives - I think Kevin looks at all his stuff as ongoing "open-source" products, and if there's something in particular you are after, I would imagine him to be quite approachable with any ideas you might have.

Thanks everyone.
This isn't really a "mod" but I am (finally) burning in Kevin's newest creation. I have one of the beta versions of his Sonas Veritas phono stage and it is a dreadnaut, over 37 pounds! Three stage fully differential series feed, transformer coupled design. LL1931 inputs, LL1660 interstage and LL1689 outputs. It uses a LL1650 PS trannie that could power a Dyna ST-70! All current source tails on the cathodes and current source feeds on the B+ of each stage. Will start to listen to it in a couple of days (I'm also in the process of burning in new cabling on my tone arm). Will report on improvement to SE parafeed phono stage if anyone is interested.
John, does that have balanced outputs? Just purchased the Art Audio Vivo amp which Kevin designed and I am very happy with it. Also is K & K going to market the Sonas Veritas?
Yes and yes. If fact, the circuit topology of the new phono pre is very similar to your Vivo amp. I built mono-block parallel 6550 versions of your Vivo amp and they are awesome. So if you are happy with the Vivo you will also be very happy with the new phono pre. I spent 9 hours yesterday listening to it. Kevin does plan to market it along with a new line stage based on the output stage of the new phono pre (6N6P run differential into LL1689AM line output transformer with cascode CCS tail and CCS feeding the B+). It also sounds awesome as I have modified my line stage with it. The bad news is the new phono pre will sell for north of 10K and the line stage for ~8K. In light of this I have to tip my hat to Kevin for the way he supports the DIY community. I could not afford any of this if I had to buy retail.
John, can you tell us how Kevin's new phono stage sounds. Or is there a thread where others with this stage posted their listening experience. Thanks