anyone modded an Esoteric to get digital inputs?

I really like the sound of my Esoteric X01 limited, but I will soon need digital inputs to accomodate a Sonos/squeezebox?transporter music server.
Has anybody done this, or know a modder that will?

David Shapiro
Talk to MSB, maybe they will do it or give some advice.
From personal history;MSB isn't the company to handle a piece of this quality. I would say John Tucker or Steve of Great Northern Sound.---
I think Alex (APL) does this.
Deshapiro, before contacting any third parties, you may want to buzz Tim Crable at TEAC America. It may very well be that TEAC has the part/process you need.
Along with the complete NWO 2.5 mod, Alex Peychev @ APL HiFi also installed a digital input (coaxial RCA) in my UX-1 Limited. It works perfect and presently is connected to a vista laptop. I switch between the UX-1 and the digital input via remote control.