anyone modded an Esoteric to get digital inputs?

I really like the sound of my Esoteric X01 limited, but I will soon need digital inputs to accomodate a Sonos/squeezebox?transporter music server.
Has anybody done this, or know a modder that will?

David Shapiro
From personal history;MSB isn't the company to handle a piece of this quality. I would say John Tucker or Steve of Great Northern Sound.---
Deshapiro, before contacting any third parties, you may want to buzz Tim Crable at TEAC America. It may very well be that TEAC has the part/process you need.
Along with the complete NWO 2.5 mod, Alex Peychev @ APL HiFi also installed a digital input (coaxial RCA) in my UX-1 Limited. It works perfect and presently is connected to a vista laptop. I switch between the UX-1 and the digital input via remote control.