Anyone Mod A Vintage Console?

Hello everyone, here is an odd topic. For an office stereo, get an old console system from the 60's or 70's, rip the guts out (ok, maybe leave in the tuning dial and faceplate if they are showing...lets not be heartless after all) and put in some newer equipment. Then you can open and close it, and even have a latch for locking, or maybe add an antique lock. This would be great for a second system for say...the office; and it would match the desk and furniture a lot better than a rack of stuff.

What do you think? Any favorite consoles out there that would be easy to mod in this way?
Gut the electronics, turn it into a liquor cabinet (or bar), and be done with it!
I did that many years ago with an old wind up Victrola that had been junked. I refinished the wood myself and installed a cheap turntable where the old wind up once sat. The electronics went inside and could be accessed through the original door in front.

This could be done with a low powered amp and single speaker. The fun would be to see how inexpensive you could do the conversion.

Bet it would beat a Bose Wave radio and cost less too.