anyone mention tull?

one of the first things i wanted to hear since recently updating the system, meaning replacing everything, was a track of of Minstrel in the Gallery, called Baker Street Muse. after 32 years or so, still moves me.
R&R Hall of Fame

more like who hung out at parties and did cocaine with Jan W

of all the progressive acts only Traffic has made the hallowed halls

no Tull, Genesis, Yes, King Crimson, etc

but have one snarling punk tune or a sixites harmony and your in
Some of the most unique and best rock from 68 thru the late 70's, they still find thier way into my player on occasion. Loved thier early blues based work & Thick as a Brick still captures me.Sonics on the 1st 3 or 4 cd's is not very good. Are the remasters up to snuff? Understand that Ian put his money into large Salmon farms.Great stuff!, I'll probably be pulling them out this weekend
Did not notice a mention of "This Was". I'm a lifetime Tull fan from junior HS to today (I'm 47). Saw Ian with a little pick up band a couple years back at the Bardovan (oldest opera house in the country, I believe) and was not the same for a few days. Just a great band with an unjustly neglected discography.
I've got the Chrysalis CD remasters of 'Thick as a Brick' and 'Aqualung.' 'TaaB' sounds wonderful, but 'Aqualung' sounds very dull and closed-in in comparison. (Luckily, I've still got them both on vinyl too, including a very sweet MoFi 'TaaB'.)