anyone mention tull?

one of the first things i wanted to hear since recently updating the system, meaning replacing everything, was a track of of Minstrel in the Gallery, called Baker Street Muse. after 32 years or so, still moves me.
They are great from their early stuff (e.g., Benefit) on. I'm not sure I can separate my appreciation of their music from my wonderful memories of listening to them with friends. Therefore, I can't objectively rave about their compositions or musicianship, but who cares? They're a joy to hear. I even got to see them live back in '78 in a very small venue -- wow!
I was just walking down Baker St., London earlier this week on business and was humming that tune. I wish someone would remaster all the great Tull: Minstrel, Thick, Passion, War Child, Stand Up. And also do it on vinyl.
Man- what memories. I remember when Benefit was released and me and my buds spun it endlessly (yep- I'm 49). Stand Up, Benefit, Aqua Lung, Thick as a Brick, all incredible.

Thanks for the great thread!
You tube has some good videos of Tull , check em out.
Jethro Tull have been my favourite group since I first heard their music back in '69. I haven't changed my mind since. They're almost at their 40th anniversary and they're still going strong, playing about 100 gigs a year.

Like all Tull fans, I'm royally ticked that they're not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I wouldn't be bothered by that, however, if there was in truth in advertising and the Hall took its more accurate name: i.e. "The Billboard Top 40 Hall of Fame".
Oh the memories. Sitting on the floor in my buddies basement listening to "Stand Up" on a pair of omni dierctional Pioneer speakers his big brother brought back from Vietnam.
I'll admit I kind of lost touch with Jethro Tull but that is some good music and the memories are foggy but priceless.
Almost all of Tull's catalog has been remastered and with extra tracks.JD
R&R Hall of Fame

more like who hung out at parties and did cocaine with Jan W

of all the progressive acts only Traffic has made the hallowed halls

no Tull, Genesis, Yes, King Crimson, etc

but have one snarling punk tune or a sixites harmony and your in
My favorites in this order: Stand Up (paid $90 for a mint 1st pressing U.K. Island pink "eye" pressing), Benefit (german import gatefold, Island 1st pressing), Songs from the Wood (original UK green Chryslis import pressing), Heavy Horses, A Passion Play (all UK pressings)
I used to have a copy of Minstrel, Thick, Living, but don't know what happened to them.. Aqualung a little too sacrilegious for me now... but Hymn 43 live was something to see/hear. Last saw Tull in 1979 for the Stormwatch tour, which was very good, not to mention the great Terry Bozio drumming with the opening act "UK" (bruford had left at that point).
The Tull catalog has been remastered Stevecham. But not much on vinyl.
Some of the most unique and best rock from 68 thru the late 70's, they still find thier way into my player on occasion. Loved thier early blues based work & Thick as a Brick still captures me.Sonics on the 1st 3 or 4 cd's is not very good. Are the remasters up to snuff? Understand that Ian put his money into large Salmon farms.Great stuff!, I'll probably be pulling them out this weekend
What a great heavy metal band.......not!

Them winning that award still kills me.
Did not notice a mention of "This Was". I'm a lifetime Tull fan from junior HS to today (I'm 47). Saw Ian with a little pick up band a couple years back at the Bardovan (oldest opera house in the country, I believe) and was not the same for a few days. Just a great band with an unjustly neglected discography.
I've got the Chrysalis CD remasters of 'Thick as a Brick' and 'Aqualung.' 'TaaB' sounds wonderful, but 'Aqualung' sounds very dull and closed-in in comparison. (Luckily, I've still got them both on vinyl too, including a very sweet MoFi 'TaaB'.)
Davetherave, just to let you know, the title cut [Aqualung] & Hymn 43 were compressed on the master tape. During the AOR [album oriented radio] FM days, many record companies would compress the intended single releases, so that they would sound louder on the s**t car radios of the day.

FYI, I have a Gold DCC copy, and these songs are also horribly compressed.
Thanks for mentioning This Was. When it came out I listened and thought "I've never heard anything like this before". Ian Anderson really did it a bit differently. Anyone see them play on The Rolling Stone's Rock & Roll Circus? They should have played more, they were great. BTW, how about the Dirty Mac on that DVD? Eric Clapton, John Lennon, Keith Richards, and Mitch Mitchell! Absolutely amazing, until Yoko came out of her bag & ruined the whole thing!
-Brad in Palo Alto
The newly reissued vinyl of Aqualong on Classic Records is great. I have the UK, Japanese, USA, MFSL & DCC releases. IMHO, this is the best so far, the vinyl is so quiet. Aqualung finally sounds so clear and uncompreesed that you think they are in the room. Get it while you can, I purchased 2. I do not know how good thier CD release is but if it is anything close to the vinyl it to will sound awesome.
Hevac1, if Aqualung [and Hymn 43] sound open & uncompressed, then Classic Records must have electronically played with the remastering. See my earlier post.

It would be nice to finally hear these two songs with similar fidelity of the other songs on the album. I hope that there's no downside to their remastering...sometimes other things in the mix used to suffer, when engineers "monkeyed" with the sound. But with today's digital technology, it's a whole new ballgame!
I did read your earlier post that is why I recommended this pressing. This is one of my favorate albums of all time. Even as my taste in music had changed for the worst (Disco) then back again I always had this album.
I did read your earlier post that is why I recommended this pressing. This is one of my favorate albums of all time. Even as my taste in music had changed for the worst (Disco) then back again I always had this album.
Hevac1, what was your penance for the sin of disco :-)
Nothing, I did it to meet the WOMAN WOMAN & more WOMAN.
It may have been bad sound lookimg back but the WOMAN were worth it. LOL
Hevac1, I understand your point! And after a few Quaaludes, who gave a shit about the music or sound systems :-)
Fatparrot, and other goodies also. You didn't care about most anything. Studio 54 in NY and the clubs in Boston MA. The later was my stomping ground most of the time. Those were the days my friend and them being a blur could be a good thing, LOL. Try what we did back then now and see you later. :-)