anyone mated AR 100.2 w/ LS-12?

anyone mated AR 100.2 w/ LS-12? was curious.. had read that both were such warm, tube-like, smooth and (very good), was wondering if they comlemented one another very well or if this was too euphonic and that they were better left as separates. Someone had mentioned in his review that he thought the amp was better off being mated to a more neutral amp or that it could be too "cloudy". I have never read such favorable reviews as I have of both of these items.
The LS12 is more natural sounding than the 100.2. Both are nice and sound great for solid state. The LS12 could fool you into thinking it's an LS16, but the 100.2 won't fool you into thinking it's a vacuum tube amp like the VT100.

They would be a nice match though. No ARC gear is going to be considered too euphonic.
AR = Acoustic Research. I think you mean ARC.

I have never heard of anything from Audio Research being too warm.
great love to hear responses from someone who knows as it will help with a purchasing decision, appreciate the apt description, that is exactly what I was looking for.

All kidding aside. When looking for a recommendation of amps and preamps it is always helpful to mention what speakers you are using.

In my opinion it is hard to go wrong with Audio Research.
sorry for that, totem Model 1's. totem mani 2's
Although I am a big fan of Audio Research, I tried a lot of equipment with the Totem Model 1 speakers and the best sound was with Krell.
right then thanks for that, is good to know
I cannot answer your question directly. But this may assist you as a frame of reference. I have a second system which includes an ARC 100.2 mated with an ARC LS-17 with Dynaudio Focus 140 speakers, Lessloss power cords and Analysis Plus Solo Oval Crystal speaker cable and interconnects. For me, with my taste, it sounds wonderful. This combo is liquid and tonally accurate, with a slight warmth. Treble is sweet and detailed. I believe the ARC 100.2 is one of the most underrated solid state amplifiers out there. Not many reviews, but it does everything very well.

In my main system I use an ARC Ref 3 mated with Lamm 1.2 Ref monoblocks. By comparison, for its cost, the ARC 100.2 offers a fantastic value. Unfortunately, I have never auditioned the ARC LS-12, so I cannot comment. However, I recommend that you audition an ARC LS-17. Excellent tube preamp.

Good luck in your quest.
thank you for your time and comments , much appreciated