Anyone making plinths? WTB

I'm looking for any woodworkers, to make a new plinth for my Thorens 165. Joe
I'm your guy. EMail with
You may want to ask Audiogon member "4yanx". He has built several custom plinths for various Lenco's and Thorens, with beautiful inlay work.

He made me some custom wood knobs for my TRL ST-225 integrated which are perfect ... exactly what I wanted.

Do a search for Audiogon member 4yanx

Shload, what are you looking for in a plinth?

Are you looking for an asthetic upgrade a performance upgrade or both?

I've done a few over the years, the latest one can be seen in my system gallery.
Here's another guy, Doug Olsen:

and an example of his work:

I haven't used him, but he was very professional in our correspondence.

I can do it. Look here:
With all due respect I am not sure that I'd hire either of the guys that posted their own pictures on this thread. In the first one of the Lenco it looks like someone messed up the miter cuts in the corners and hid the start over by using a darker color of wood. The second one of the Teres seems a little better and maybe it is the camera work but there look like a lot of open grain and even some snading marks for such a fine as wood as used. Deserved a better finish. Buy I am picky. Other people might not be. Don't get me wrong they are nice enough but not like the quality someone should be paying for.

There are potentaill a couple of very fine looking plinths in the link the Armstrod provides but it is unclaer if the person who made the website built all of these or if he is just posting a bunch done by other people.

I don't see an real examples from the lolo of jes45 guy.
Hi, Jes45! I very much appreciate your comments on the knobs I made for you. I’m most happy that they worked out and that they are of the quality you sought. Coming from you, that means A LOT! Ha!

I did not notice this thread initially but was notified of it by my son this afternoon. For the record, while I come from a very long line of woodworkers and I apprenticed for a time under my grandfather, I am not in the woodworking BUSINESS per se – meaning I do not solicit plinth building gigs as a business. My sons and I have built a number of tables for ourselves and anyone who wishes to view them can find a link or two to them in the Lenco thread or they can contact me directly. As far as building plinths for others, I have done a couple as favors for friends, as well as making a few component cases of Corian covered with hardwood veneers and polycarbonate top plates. And, while I am extremely flattered that Jes45 would recommend me to folks, I can probably not service your needs at this time. In fact, I have regretfully turned down several requests for this very work in the past several weeks. This is mostly due to a recurring and most bothersome back problem, not because I do not have an interest in servicing folks. I will make a post in the future if this situation would change. In the meantime, if you have interest, drop me an e-mail and, depending on the specific need, I may or may not be able to accommodate. Thanks.

Jejune, I have to think that Joe's (jphii) work might not be done justice by the pictures. I figure his is very good work. Having had other dealings with Joe, I can tell you that he would be reliable to contact and inquire (and not to say that some other folks would not be). The finish on woods is pretty damn hard to capture accurately in a photo, I can tell you that. As an example, I usually do my finishes on anything important using a hand-rubbed oil process - usually 6-10 passes with tung oil - using increasingly finer sandpaper in passes 1-3, then steel wool for a couple, followed by pumice and a felt pad and, finally, rottenstone and a felt pad. The finish can be glossy like a gloss urethane coat and the wood grain look twice as deep, but it is nearly impossible to get it to show in a picture and, of course, totally impossible to feel a finish that is literally creamy and as smooth as glass without letting your fingers do the walking!

It seems to my eye that Vint_Age’s plinth uses perfect inlay accents for its top. Imagine how the “bird’s eye” maple would look just plain-janed, cross-grained. In addition, I know from studying the details of this plinth that its hidden modular design is a quite an ingenious effort. The Teres plinth looks pretty nice too.

Thanks David. I just spent 20 minutes typing out a reply to this guys post then deleted it. The I realized that you and I know the quality of work we do and figured it wasn't worth it. You do some beautiful work, I wish I had your marquetry skills and wood IS my business! I only offered because I would like to see Shload benefit from an upgrade that would help him enjoy his analog system a little better. Kinda funny that the first time I post in quite a while I see you and I both getting crapped on. One of the main reasons I've been well in the background for a while. Oh well, since I have a little more time on my hands now I guess I'll just build some more for myself and let Jejune handle the work for rest of them.