Anyone Make Budget Flat Speaker Cable?

Need 6 and 8 meter runs to feed my rear channels but choke on the cost that Nordost wants for their cheapest flatline stuff.

Its got to go under my imitation oriental rug.

Any alternatives out there?
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Try this link
Radio Shack has some flat speaker wire in bulk spools that is inexpensive and surprisingly good.

Thanks to all!

Will check out Radio Shack first.

TVAD: No doubt Goert is fine stuff but I'm looking for something around $1 a foot not $1 an inch.
Oh. Had you mentioned the budget in your OP, I'd have not suggested Goertz.
For rear channels almost any old wire is good enough. IMO. The Radio Shack should work out perfect.
Partsexpress has a few choices. Around .50 ft or less if you buy bulk. Good quality.
DNM reson is not quite budget but not too costly and meets your specs.
Elizabeth: I agree. I'm using AR copper pair (glorified lamp cord) but too bulky under rug.

It's hard to believe Nordost doesn't make resonably priced wire for the "prosperity challenged" audiophile.

Listening to Blu-Ray Start-Trek, the AR wire passed high-frequency signals I'm surprised I can still hear.
I WAS using KEF 201 Ref for surrounds (love those super tweeters!).
Third the Radio Shack flat cable recommendation. I have no idea if what they're selling today is the same as what I bought 6-7 years ago, but it was amazing for the price. One of the many surprises for me in this hobby.
The Radio Shack cable is the Megacable Flat Speaker Cable 278-1273A. 50-ft 14-gauge and it's good. I think it's $25 on the mainland.
Audioquest has a flat series starting I think at $1 a foot.
Found some flat wire at Home Depot -slightly more than $1/ft.