Anyone love TIDAL lossless streaming like I do?

I love Tidal. The sound quality from its Hifi mode (lossless) is truly amazing and awesome. I have lot's of SACDs and lossless on even old recordings in 16/44 rivals it. If you felt sorry that there was not enough Hires content, try Tidal.
My little Chord Hugo dac produces sound that is about on par with my EMM XDS1 cdp. The Tidal streaming even sounds better than the Hires downloads I tried from Acoustic Sounds and Musicdirect. I'm not kidding. I hope people support this because I don't want it to go out of business. Please give it a try. I'm just a user and longtime audiophile with no other interest than keeping this remarkable service alive so I and others can use it.
theo1124, Please send your feedback about missing classical artists and albums to Tidal Streaming. While there is no guarantee they will include the items you listed above, it is very important for them to hear their classical musical catalog needs to be updated with additional artists, etc.  Tidal needs to hear from its users what classical (or other) artists and recordings are missing from their catalog.  Unfortunately, I know that Tidal needs a legal contract with the artists and/or distributor of these recordings so this process may take some time.  There is a artist feedback form on their web site to summit your requests.  Thanks.

We have both Tidal and Spotify Premium.

The sound quality from Tidal is definitely better (44.1k/16 bit is markedly better sounding than 320k MP3).  When I go to find albums, not all of them are available on Tidal, same with Spotify, but maybe to a lesser extent, not enough to be concerned about.
Giving Tidal hifi a second try about a year later. It's still just ok.
It's catalog still seems incomplete.I get about 70% when importing playlists.  The front page is filled with beyonce and rap. Not my taste.Overall the UI needs serious improvement.  Really weak with triphop and downtempo which is what I listen to for background music. Most mainstream 60's70's80's and classic rock is there. The biggest deal breaker for me is buffering. I am curious where the servers are located. I am in LA area.  No other program, gaming, streaming service has this issue and I have decent speeds. 200Mbps download 25Mbps upload. Will most likely not renew  
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Jer, You above post indicates "The biggest deal breaker for you is buffering".  When I first started using Tidal Streaming, I also had buffering problems and it was driving me crazy.  I had no problems with other programs, or activities, using my Internet connection.   After days of research, I finally discovered that my router was not handling music streaming packages correctly under some conditions (creating random data drops).   Other people reported similar hardware data drops using the same router.   I replaced my router with the Apple AirPort Extreme Router and all my buffering problems went away.   I do not know if replacing your router will solve the problem but it might be worth doing to see what happens.   Your 200Mbps download 25Mbps upload speed are fine and should not be a problem.

Are you using an Ethernet connection or Wi-Fi for your Tidal Streaming.  Ethernet is the best connection since Wi-Fi could be a problem depending on how far away you are from your router.  If you are using Wi-Fi, an extender might be required to help boast the signal.  The Ethernet connection should be plugged directly into your router and NOT the switch box.

If you continue to have buffering problems, please send a request to Tidal and ask them for help.  They might have some thoughts to solve the buffering problems.  It could be a memory problems on your computer or something similar.   

Please send a request to Tidal to report their UI needs improvement.  You might also indicate where you are having problems.  I use Tidal on my Aurender and the user interface is fine.   I hope the above helps.