Anyone Listening to DSD files?

I am familiar with the sound of SACD playback, but I have yet to hear DSD files played back via a DSD DAC. I am interested in hearing from those of you currently playing hi-res DSD files. What DAC are you using, and what are your impressions...Is hi-res DSD that much better than the best hi-res PCM?


I have both a Chord QuteHD and Playback Designs MPD-3 and via DSD they both easily best any PCM DAC I have heard - and believe me I have heard a few.

Just as an example I was with the maker of my beloved PDX DAC and we did a comparison of the Chord without the benefit even of an upgraded power supply which improved things. DSD of Harry Belafonte - Sylvie was easily better than the same track through the PDX - even the maker agreed - which sent him off investigating how to lift the PDX - with some success I might add - but exactly how it fares to the Chord or PD remains to be seen.

DSD IMHO is the way of the future for audiophiles - its simply better.

If you have a DSD DAC and are interested in comparing the SQ of DSD and PCM, you can download some sample tracks from the link below. It has three songs with tracks in 24/96 PCM, 24/192 PCM, and DSD formats.

You will need to register to get to the download but I think it is worth the trouble.
It is a moot point. DSD content only exists in the audiophile fringes. Why every manufacturer seems to rush into DSD enabling their hardware baffles me. May be they figure the content will follow the hardware. If history is any guidance, it won't happen. I am not aware of any major label with imminent plans to release their catalogue on DSD. Meanwhile 96/24 and 192/24 PCM is alive and well.

Having said that. I just downloaded the channel classic free DSD and high rez PCM files to do an apples to apples comparison for myself. Hopefully will get around to it this evening.

The "Friday Night in San Fransisco" DSD SACD rip was distincly better than the 96/24 PCM download on my MSB DAC.