anyone listenedd to the Gershman Cameleons?

Was wondering if any one has had a listen to this speaker and how it may compare to the Meadowlark Kestrel 2's or other similarly priced speakers?
I listened to them extensively about 8 months ago and was very impressed. I didn't compare them to the Meadowlarks, though.

My speaker budget was about 3 times the cost of the Cameleons but I'm hoping to pick up a pair for a second system at some point. At the time I was willing to spend around 6K on speakers and listened to about 20 different speakers between about 4K and 6K. I ended up with other Gershman's- the X-1/SW-1 combo.

If you have a chance to audition them, I think you'll be surprised at how good they are and, at the price, they're a great bargain.
Thanks for the input, I have heard nothing but good things, but with few dealers around, I will be buying with out hearing and wanted others input.
What's with the spelling of that model?
Not sure what happened to the H, maybe it just disappeared? Hopefully like the speakers.
My system started in earnest with the acquisition of a pair of Cameleons ~4 months ago. Unfortunately, they arrived damaged courtesy of a courrier company with ugly brown trucks - there's a bass distortion in one speaker at moderate or higher volumes. They'll be going back to Gershman's for repairs sometime this summer.

Notwithstanding this more than minor obstacle, they're visually magnificent (in light mahagony) and sonically outstanding. Every upgrade I make them sound better - the Cameleons aren't my weak link, they're my strongest. I'd have to describe them as simply being 'musical,' which is probably the best compliment I can think of.

I'm moving to tubes within two weeks with a Cayin TA-30 integrated amp (fully mod'd - see and will have Signal speaker cables ( to replace my Monstercable knock-offs. Hopefully I can give the Cameleons what they deserve - I truly admire these speakers.

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Gershman Cameleons