Anyone listened to the new Nordost LE spkr cable?

I need to replace my Acoustic Zen Hologram II speaker cable because it is awkward to handle, and easy to trip over. I am considering the new Nordost Leif speaker cable which is flat and can be run under a rug. If you have auditioned it, what new model might be better or equivalent to the AZ Hologram II cable?? I have the Acoustic Zen Adagios

Also, is previous Red Dawn cable or higher possibly better than the new stuff. Thanks Jim
I haven't had the chance to listen to the new Leif series but I did have a demo case from Nordost that had the Blue haven through the Frey. I personally found the BH and RD to be a bit tipped in the highs and slightly weak in the lows. The Heimdall and Frey were better balanced. I bought the Frey's. I am currently demoing the newest Series2 Norse cables. They are very different than the original Norse. More liquid sounding with a lot more low end. So I would 'assume' the Leif series would be better than the BH or RD.

Never heard the AZ's
LE or LS?
Anyone have any idea why Nordost didn't offer an upgrade/trade in plan for the Norse series? Sort of bums me out.