Anyone listened to the Epoz Aktimate Maxi?

Hi Inmates,

Has anyone here listed to the Epoz Aktimate Minis or Maxis by any chance? I'm still very wet behind the ears and don't have much experience with high end audio and proper hi fi so I don't have a frame of reference but I've been floored. Absolutely loved it.

Here's what I've heard so far:

As you might've seen from my previous posts, I've been on the hunt for a nice audio setup for my 11 by 11ft living room. I've been focusing on tubes given by preference for jazz, but have been auditioning whatever I can find here in Singapore.

I've tried a NAD CD player to a Marantz PM6004 to a Wharfedale Diamond 10.6. Unimpressed.

Cambridge DacMagic to a 350A to a Dali Ikon 5 and Zensor 5 and then with the Cambridge S30. The Dali Ikon was far too bright, the Zensor wasn't too bad but still not very impressive and the S30 was very good for the money.

I then tried some tube amps into a Mordaunt Carnival 6 and really liked the sound. The tone was correct - but part of me thought the sound was a little imperfect.

Today I tried the Audioengine A2, A5+, the Epoz Aktimate Mini and Maxi.

The A2s were surprisingly good for the price and size. The A5+ took the A2 sound to another level with wider dynamic range and better bass authority.

The Epoz Aktimate mini was sublime and the Maxi was just absolutely wonderful. I didn't even hear them on proper speaker stands they were feeding lossless files directly from my iPhone 4S.

The Maxi was the only speaker so far that kept me wanting to listen for more. I could've just sat there for hours. Spent a good hour and a half just sitting there and listening track after track.

The Maxi also has the convenience of an iPod/iPhone dock right on the speaker, has a Wifi receiver which would let me stream my tunes wirelessly direct from my mac. It also has more than enough inputs for my TV and Airport Express and yet-to-be-purchased DAC.

I really love these speakers. And they are very versatile for my living room and lifestyle needs. Watched a Diana Krall DVD, Live in Paris on the TV plugged into the Maxis and it was sublime...

Should I just pull the plug and get these speakers? Their pricey though at about 1130 USD. If I did top up a bit more I could get some decent separates. But these deliver performance without the hassle... and their pretty amazing to my ears.

What do you guys think?