Anyone listened to PSB Synchrony Ones?

I haven't had the chance yet to hear these speakers, since the nearest dealer is a 10 hour drive away. I will be able to audition them in the near future, but if anyone has had a chance to hear them, any comments would be appreciated. My system includes a Simaudio I-7 integrated amp, Bryston BCD-1 CD player, and B&W 804S speakers. I am thinking of changing speakers, and have heard that these are worth a listen.

they are excellent speakers, almost full range sweet mid range, a bit more control of the bass than PSB gold stratus i. Your amp could drive them easily. i ended up with the PSB T-6 for less money but was a toss-up
I owned them. They are neutral, accurate, dynamic, smooth and no listening fatigue. I have owned a lots of speakers at the same price level but none of them is better than the Synchrony One. They definitely deserve Class A rating.


Less money for the T6s, huh? The 6's must have sounded better too then, right?

did you also hear the T8's?

Would you please address the diffs from the Syncs to the Platinum series, especially the 6's to the 8's ??

I can preview the Sync one, but they do not stock the Platinum series at all. Just about the whole line up but them!

I've a medium sized room 14x21x8.3 and they'd sit on the short wall... 75% music, 25% HT. 150wpc @ 8 amps.

many thanks.
Mlauner: "i ended up with the PSB T-6 for less money but was a toss-up"
Which T6? New or old series?



Less money for the T6s, huh? The 6's must have sounded better too then, right?

did you also hear the T8's?

Would you please address the diffs from the Syncs to the Platinum series, especially the 6's to the 8's ??

I can preview the Sync one, but they do not stock the Platinum series at all. Just about the whole line up but them!

I've a medium sized room 14x21x8.3 and they'd sit on the short wall... 75% music, 25% HT. 150wpc @ 8 amps.

many thanks.
I listened to these last year, in the local retail outlet twice, in different rooms and with different store gear. They sounded excellent with top flight definition, separation, no listening fatigue and easy on the eyes.

I also managed to get them home for a week, to audition with my own gear and while I was impressed, they didn't beat my older Infinity R90's so, they didn't make the cut.

At the time, I was also looking the Paradigm Signature V2 series which looked to be just as good but with better top end (wider dispersion). Long story short, I now own the S6 V2's and, still have my R90's.

The Synchrony One's are worth the audition but 'you' have to hear them to decide if they work for you.
Jgwilson (and anyone else), what can you say about the differences between PSB and Paradigm? They seem so evenly matched but I'm sure they have different family sounds.

it's been almost a year since I last heard the PSB SO's so take this with a grain but, I recall them both as sounding similar except for more airy and wider off axis dispersion of the S6 V2's. These pure-beryllium dome tweeters provide a sound that just opens up into the room and reminds me of electrostatic tweeters. That was the 'close' for me - then it just a question of sourcing them at a good price (used, of course).

The PSB SO's are very good speakers - don't get me wrong, it's just that the S6 V2's offer that much extra (to my ears and - on any gear I auditioned them with) that, makes them preferable, to me.

Let me close by saying that I really LOVE the sound of my Infinty R90's, hooked up to my 'A' system but, I recently put the S6's into my 'B' system (that is also against the short wall in my 22 x 12 ft room) and was simply blown away at how excellent they sounded being driven by - get this - my 10 year old Japanese receiver !! They sound so good, I've just recently sunk some $ into that receiver (upgrading the PS section and the 'A' binding posts) to audition them again. If I hear a noticeable improvement, it may be curtains for my 'A' system.

It's probably more information than the focus of your question but, as I started off, it's been awhile and I don't want offer a poor characterisation based on decayed memory. My feeling is, better to offer my experience and actions.

If you are really serious about either of these fine speakers (at least, at their price points), you really have to get out and hear them for yourself. I've given up on following the recommendations of reviewers or other audiophile owners because it's all so individually taste driven. If 100 reviews give the thumbs up but you give them the thumbs down - it's your vote that count - not theirs cause, you have to live with the sound that isn't magic to your ears.
the thoughts above relate well to the Soundstage review from Aug 08 on the PSB SO which is also cmopared to the S series Paradigms. The notes here about the top end diffs are as well said in that review... the new Tweeter in the S series Paradigms being the better of the two speaker lines... and the sole shortcoming of the Syncrony Ones... and again, by comparison to one another. The PSB in that account was said to be better in other areas though than the Paradigm S series.

Similarly omparisons have to be made if the compared items are similarly priced, otherwise it either shadows or spotlights one of the two units under inspection.

True too, as said above, there are some areas of the sonic reproduction one may not wish to compromise or forgoe in selecting a new set of speakers. For myself, I wish to gain more prominence in a good way throughout the mid band, and I'd not want to sacrifice the top end quality I experience now, nor the bass response that is presently on duty in my current affair.

No doubt from all I've read to date on the PSB lineup, and what I've heard from others, the PSB speakers are both great performers and fine values. I do not feel they are in my own future however as my perception of them says they are a step back for me.

The measurements in that account also point to the possibility that a bit more power than I presently have may well be needed to drive them properly... as the tested impedance drops well under the 4 ohm low indicated by the manufacturer.
Thanks very much, jgwilson.

Blindjim, are you looking at the two P brands as possible replacements for your Sonatas?

I've seriously thunk on it a bunch.

Looking at the numbers in the testing sections of two articles on the Syncrony Ones which appear best sutied to my own needs, I've felt two issues that concern my particular circumstances.... the impedance curve and the sensitivity. Add in the tweeter notes and bass response and it's too great a step back for me to take.... I think.

I've always felt this way about things in general... "If you like what you are getting, keep doing what you are doing.... If you don't, change what you can." A change of perspectve is the cheapest thing to change, but sometimes it is also the tuffest. For a time, I've decided to change that which actually bugs me that I CAN change economically. right now... a step up in performance I am finding, is going to be pretty costly.
Thank you everyone for your responses. Sorry to be saying this so late, but some unusual demands occupied me for some time. I will be able to hear these for myself in early April, but not likely before that. If only the road conditions were not so bad this time of year, I would find a way to get there sooner. Mlauner and Heyanming, this is what I have heard from the dealer that I has served me well. Jgwilson and Blindjim, I may very well find this to be true when I do have a listen. They will have to be, to my ears, a significant step up for me to consider the change, as the B&W 804S do sound very nice with the rest of my system.

I suspect the Sync Ones are going to be better than the 804s... ? But that's just me.
I also listened to the PSB synch 1's this summer at a local dealer and the imaging and dynamic range was first rate. I liked the Totem wind slightly better More$$ but I think the PSB's would be good with Simaudio as per Doug Schneider(Soundstage).
I also listened to the Paradigm S6 v1 I think but totally different gear and place so no valid comparison unfortunately. But I think the posters above are right on, Thanks Jgwilson and Blindjim

There's scads of 'different' out there. Esthetically, sonically, designs, and expensively or value oriented. Great value speakers usually get some pall cast upon them as being not quite great. That's untrue.

Some of the most engaging systems I've yet heard had moderately priced speakers doing the job. In fact I bought just such speakers as I heard on that system... only to find out later it wasn't the speakers that made the sound the way it was... it was the components in front of the speakers.... not JUST the speakers themselves.

I bought those speakers because they were capable of producing great sound. Their trouble was the components needed to get them onto that level however was quite the expensive task. I did manage to do it as well ultimately.

Consequently now, I look for speakers which can excel on several levels and have lesser needs for uberexpensive gear to run them into sonic bliss. That’s one tuff nut to crack I’ve found out personally.

I've since also found that one can go a couple different ways with the sonic depiction... a thoroughly musical and without regard to resolution and detailed presentation, or the route of accuracy and imaging being the mainstays with musicality coming in second place more often than not, or try achieveing them both simultaneously. Some of which may or may not produce sufficient volume and/or impact.

Exceptionally rendered music information AND great imaging as the result of resolution and detail is the more monied path. Naturally the setup is quite key. Finding those squeakers which can satisfy, ‘cause ain’t that what it’s all about anyways, which do not have the top flight gear pushing them are the more attractive speakers to me these days. For what good is it to have great speakers that absolutely demand outstanding front ends to be at their very best if procuring that front end is beyond my own means??

The PSB dealership an hours drive or so away from me uses Marantz 200wpc stereo SS gear to present them with with cabling I’ve not ever heard of with an arcam CDP, and I think, no PLC. I can or could bring whatever of my own to run them with, I was told. I’m thinking the Marantz gear should do well enough for a look see.

Lastly, and just for my own concerns, I feel the Sync Ones aren’t going to be for me due only to their power needs. I’m headed for less powered tube gear down the road and their impedance curves indicate the need for more power than I might wind up having on hand then. I do feel they’re a very solid choice however for the majority of audio nuts who live in the SS powered or many watts tube camp. If I had a quality SS or tube amp kicking out 200wpc or close to it, I’d have no problems buying them in the blind IF their price was right, and I wasn’t able to preview them easily enough and of course, wanted new squeakers. When every mag, online or not says about the same things of a certain product in general, it’s usually a safe bet that product is going to be pretty good… or so my own exp has proven.

Good luck next year… or sooner.
I just picked up a demo pair of Synchrony One's, powered by an Integra DTR-9.9. I am absolutely astounded at how good they sound. Sound stage, bass response, clear and grain free mid and top end. I love them. The Integra is rated at 145wpc into two channels at 8 ohms. Tested at 276wpc into two channels at 4 ohms at 0.1%thd. So the power seems right.
Do any of you think a 100pwc into 8ohm Simuadio I-3 can handle the bass of the Synch Ones?

I have the Synch Twos right now and there is no problem with bass bloom, but a bit concerned the Ones need more power given they go deeper...

Both are rated to the same impedance and sensitivity.

Hi do you think a Simaudio I-3 (100W/8ohms, 180W into 40hms), can handle the bass of the Ones well enough?

The amp controls my Synchrony Two's fine, but concerned with the deeper bass of the Ones there may be more bloom

Based on their construction, there is some similarity between the PSB Synchrony series and Magico. Use of curved, heavily brace, multi laminate enclosures to get rid of enclosure resonances. Is there any similarity in the sound. I would especially expect the synchrony sound to be very detailed, with no smearing from resonances.
They're awesome for the cost. A real bargain if you can find them on the gon. I've run them for 2 years with a McIntosh MA6900. Super midrange and highs and deep crisp bass.
I purchased PSB Synchrony one and compared with my existing B&W 801 Matrix series II Speakers . But the final results is total failure for PSB . The mid and high definitaions are fainter when you make direct comparison test with B&W . Even I dont want to speak about the bass comparisons. I dont know how guys (including Stereophile magazin ) gives these exellent advices for PSB Seynchrony one. The value of the speaker is equal of the selling price nobody must expect more from them.It is resulation NEVER comes near to triple price valued speakers.
Still you may find second hand B&W 801 in the market for half price of PSB synchrony one...and you wont regret it having one.