anyone listened to Nagra CD-P?

I have been considering a used Nagra CD-P however I have read several reviews that hint that it has a lean or thinner sound. I would be using it with twin Pathos Classic II's and Avalon speakers. I listen to large symphonic pieces and hard rock/blues and want a full sound at lower listening volumes.
I eventually want to insert a separate DAC at some point. Would it be friendly to a wide range of DAC's?
Thank you for your thoughts.
I have. It's a VERY good cd spinner. I have a Nagra PLL and VPS, ended up going with dCS..but it's more money and a lot more shelf space.

The build quality on the Nagra is fantastic and I doubt you find a better separate DAC, unless you are planning to spend a lot.

You can't go wrong with this disc spinner. It has the Nagra sound...transparent, resolution but presented in a warm and natural way, extension on top and's a beautiful sound.

Good luck !!
I have not listened to that CDP. But with any addition to your system, it's going to be about synergy with your existing gear as well as input and output impedances of the gear. Roll of the dice (always is), even when you add a great new component to your current ones.
I heard the CDP in a friend's system. I liked the sound of that player. Is it a lean sounding player? That is hard to say unless one were comparing it with something else. I heard it in direct comparison with the Naim CDS3. I preferred the CDS3, which sounded warmer than the Nagra (I happen to like the Naim sound for CD, I own a CD555), but the Naim does cost more. The Nagra was also a bit more dynamically restricted than the Naim. Still, it was a nice sounding player.

I recall that the Nagra had some kind of odd operational quirk, perhaps having to do with the remote control, but, it probably isn't that big a deal because I cannot recall what was the issue.

While I only heard it in comparison to the Naim, I would hazard a guess that used players by the likes of Accuphase and MBL would be on the warmer side, while EMM and the higher end Esoterics would be more like the Nagra. If you can find a used Linn CD12, that is another very good older player.

The thing with products like the Nagra, if you can get it at a decent price, if you don't like it, you can resell it at a pretty decent price.
The CDP has a good tone, soundstage with dynamic "Gestalt". Personally I would avoid multi box Players, at the end none of them were worth the money. Digital is like Personal Computers, cheaper, cheaper, cheaper ...
The Nagra in a way is a primitive unit, no sampling, no SACD, a yesterday Design (44.1) for a premium, but maybe that is an advantage. I seriously think that a good electronic can deliver superior results with 44.1. Nagra charges Premium Price, here I think it is not worth it, 2. hand ok, when the price is 50% off. The output voltage is fixed, so you have to be sure that it will match with your Preamp. 1V/3.5V for dynamic Playback can be not enough when your Preamp prefers a stronger signal.