anyone listened to groups DADA & BUTTERFLY JONES ?

A guy at work recently turned me on to DADA and BUTTERFLY JONES. This is some interesting music. The guitarist sounds really good. The lyrics are very unique. Anyone listened to these groups?
I bought dada's CD "puzzle" when it was released in 1992. I do enjoy the music and lyrics and the recording quality is very good.

BTW, the song "Dim" off of this disc was somewhat of a hit, at least on the radio stations I listen to (WOXY Oxford, Ohio).

I still listen to it about 3-4 times/year. Thanks for reminding me....I'm playing it now.


I had forgoten about this band. I saw them play at Red Rocks in Colorado, they opened up for Sting. Very talented. I'll pull out the album I have of theirs tonight (the title escapes me). Thanks Bufus.
Sorry, I forgot to mention that I was refering to Dada.
Well, I think the deal is that the singer and guitarist from DADA formed a new band called BUTTERFLY JONES. The new band seems to be more refined with song lyrics that are not as "off the wall." I am still getting to know all of this music but I would say that if you liked the DADA stuff you will probably really appreciate the BUTTERFLY JONES.
I have owned Dada's Puzzle CD for years. Love that album. The guitarist is in the Mark Knopfler vein...very talented!