Anyone listened to Aerial 9's?

These have been around awhile now, but have received little press here, and virtually none in audio publications. They seem to have the same or similar bass drivers as used in the 7b (except maybe with aluminum voice coils), and the same 7b, 8b, 10t, MB Quart tweeter, with a new 6 inch midrange driver. Efficiency is better than the 7b and 8b, at 90db, and power handling is rated higher, up to 500wpc. I like the idea of the front firing bass drivers for easier room integration, and I believe the port is on the bottom. Bass is said to be down 2db at 30hz. It seems the bass should be tighter and with more impact due to the multiple smaller drivers, if not quite as extended as in the 10t or 8b. All in all, it seems this should be a very user friendly speaker, with the same attributes as the earlier highly rated Aerial models. Any user feedback?
I hate to knock aerial, but I owned a pair of 9's, in the past I have owned the 7B's and 8B's and loved them, the 9's just didn't seem to have the same sweetness of my previous aerials, I tried changing amps and cables to no availe, I finnally gave up and sold them at a big loss, I bought them unheard as the dealer had none to audition, but bought thinking they were a step up, I have now gone back to the 7B's, good luck
I auditioned them and thought they were very good but they were IMO totally outclassed by the B&W 802Ds.
Thanks for the responses. Any other opinions?
I had the 9's and i thought they were great!!! I like the 20t's better but i still loved the 9's.
Hi Worldcat, thats good to hear. Mine get here tomorrow. I am comming off a pair of Alon Circe speakers that were great in many ways, and I hope the 9's do not make me think I made a mistake. I suspect I will give up a little in resolution compared to the Circe, for a speaker that integrates a little better with my room, the wider variety of music that I listen to, and my SS gear. The lack of reviews is interesting for a speaker that could be considered a reasonable priced replacement for the 10t.
It will take time for them to break-in but once they do you will love them!!!
I had the 9's for about one year replacing Snell XP-75 towers. I simply love these speakers combined with Aerial CC5 center. The 9's are very detailed in the highs and very tight low bass with great imaging.
Glad to hear you like them Pigtunia. I received mine and have had them up and running for a few days now. I like what I hear. They are quite different from the Alon's (and not necessarily "better"), but definitely better for my situation, listening preferences, and system. I will post a more detailed impression after I listen some more.
Hello All
I'm sure happy that its pretty much positive reviews. Without a local dealer, I'm buying based on prior experience with Aerial. I've picked up my pair today, Merry Christmas to me, and cannot wait to get home and fire them up. The 9's going to replace a pair of 7B's in my h/t & music setup.
The rest of the gear is Theta, Casa III with Extremes, Dreadnaught II etc.
Mitch it will take some time to break-end! They will sound very good. As you upgrade to better equipment they will only get better!
I own the 9's, running with Rowland 201's and Aesthetix Calypso. They are really great. I wasn't a big fan of Aerial prior to the new line, but now I can't say enough good things.

Music? Everything from folk to chamber to jazz to world, but lots of straightforward rock and roll.

Room? 15 x 26 x 7'9" -- dedicated listening room, good sounding.

I've owned Maggies, Hales, Spendors, Linns, Soliloquys, and ADS speakers, and I auditioned Sonus Fabers (Cremona), Vienna Acoustics (can't recall which one -- but the one in the 9k price range), Martin Logans (prodigy? protege?), Joseph Audios (22si or something like that), Paradigms (the one that is around 6-8k) and a few more. The only one that I liked about as well were Wilson Sophias, and the Aerials were cheaper, deeper, more precise and better looking. And all of these speakers were very fine.

Buy the optional stands! I did and first thing, they spike the speaker to the floor amazingly well and second, you can tip them back just slightly and that has a wonderful effect on the sound. The stands are $700 but worth every penny.

You won't be sorry.

To Cemoore
Totally outclassed by the B&W 802D'S??? To audition a speaker which i bet was only once with unfamilier equipment, room, cables, inner-conects, power and placement how could you possibly even form an permament opinion of the model 9? I owned the Aerial 10t's which i sold and upgraded to the model 9's. If anyone would like accuate information on the Aerial model 9's please feel free to email me at the address below.
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Raising this from the dead. Has anyone compared the Aerial Acoustics Model 9 to the 7T?
Tweeter on the 7T is better, but the model 9 has a special je ne sais quois that prevented me from 'upgrading'.

I also prefer the look of the 9 vs the somewhat more standard 7T!
Wow, a blast from the past. I have never heard the 7Ts, buy based on this thread I purchased the 9s and owned them for years.  I really enjoyed the clean, dynamic, and somewhat warm sound of the Model 9s.  They sounded good on a variety of rock, pop, and blues music.  Two caveats, they need some power (at least 200 wpc) to really come to life and IMO the bass is probably the weakest aspect of the speaker because they can overwhelm a smaller room and the bass reflex design can result in some degree of boominess in certain rooms/situations, IME.

I recently moved to the slightly less expensive LR5s and I believe the bass is even better with a pair of 9-inch woofers in each sealed (i.e., acoustic suspension), very inert box.  The bass on the LR5s rolls off at about 40Hz but I augment them with a pair of SW12s and the result in the bass is vastly superior IMO to the Model 9s alone.  The cleaner bass performance also seems to improve on the mids and high frequencies in my room.  However, the LR5s need even more power as their sensitivity is only 86dB.  I am happy with the change to the LR5s plus two subs and Michael Kelly told me that set-up is about as good as it gets with his products. 
what amp are you using to power your aerials? I also have LR5’s for my LCR powered by an ATI 6005 signature.
I have used a variety of amplifiers with the LR5s.  Consistent has been Clayton M300 Class A monoblocks but I also currently own Cary CAD 500MB monos and a pair of DNA-1s that are at SMc for Steve's Signature treatment.  I am in the process of working out the details with Steve and Patrick.  Both the Claytons (300wpc) and the Carys (500wpc) double into 4 ohms and both have plenty of power although they do sound different from each other. The nice thing about the LR5s is that they indeed let you hear the characteristics of whatever gear is in front of them.
Mitch2- can you tell any difference when you feed the LR5s more power? My ATI puts out 450 watts into 4 ohms;

I an mainly using them for HT and am extremely happy with their performance. I just wonder what more power would do; if anything at modest listening levels (80-85dB).