Anyone listened Living Voice/Croft set-up?

I heard that Living Voice are mighty fine speakers. Anyone visited their room...?
This room easily had the best selection of, magically reproduced, real classical music, in the entire Show. During the restricted entry Thursday when I had a chance to visit, the room was set up for approximately three listeners to be thrilled by the configuration of seats, and components.
A very knowledgable fellow with a British accent (Jay Rein?) played the most amazing selections to show off the splendid quality of the Living Voice $5695 Avator, which I marked as a "Best Buy" in my notes. I noted "powerful, integrated, rich textured, full range bass, and non-fatiguing, extended, textured treble" with the word textured meaning realistically detailed, never smudged, as I am not a professional reviewer, just an audio club hobbyist.
The use of the term "Best Buy" may be hyperbole, as I later became aware of many good speakers, at many price points.
What these speakers did do supremely well was convey the full force, dynamics, and emotion of music, including real sense of bass extension, without any strain.
For example, the thundering fortissimo of Rostropovich on cello, and Richter on Piano, playing a Beethoven Sonata for Cello and Piano was so well conveyed at true concert hall volume, actually as if you were standing next to them, as the microphones surely were.
Those old time audiophile clasical music lovers like myself, were in the presence of great music, beautifully reproduced, reminiscent of long ago hotel room demonstrations by the legendary Richard Shahinian. But, this modern Living Voice Avator sound experience outdid even those past fond memories.
The Living Voice Avatar and dare I say, perhaps even the OBX-2 (with external crossover and requiring 4 pairs of speaker cables) is on my short list.

Listener57, can you provide more information about the setup in terms of associated Hifi gear and would appreciate if you had a chance to compare the Avatar against OBX.
In response to the questions posed by dtanclim, I did not find the precise identity of associated components listed in my brief listening notes. I think that is because I was writing down details about some of the CD's being played, instead.
The official program lists the contact person, Jay Rein, 416-638-8207 (Toronto, Canada), email:
I am sure that the associated components can be enumerated by Jay. He spent so much time discussing music, and performers, instead of talking about the associated equipment, that I forgot to ask more about the associated equipment.
I only remember listening to the one pair of Avator speakers, but I am sure that you will be able to learn all you want directly from this enthusiastic, and communicative man, if you call, or email.