Anyone listen to Zu Audio's Definition Mk3?

Comparisons with the 1.5s and the others that came before? Getting the itch; again......
The Def 4s were a very tough sell, but possible. If I knew about the caps in advance, I would have added that to the price from the getgo. Now, with all new kitchen applicances etc; this ain't happening. It's embarrassing to complain. High class situations. It would not be fair. Figuring the cost of caps and shipping to and from the Hamptons--major $$. I like your "stoked" line. Plain ole Def 4s should do me fine.
I understand your point.It seems the capacitor upgrade option should have been mentioned at the time you ordered your speakers.
I think that the cap upgrades are a recent addition to the Zu lineup based on my conversation with Sean a few weeks ago. And just to throw out the details of the rest of my conversation with Sean, he said that the Audyn True Copper caps were very near the level of the Dueland and the cost is about 1/10th of the Dueland. I've heard that from several reliable sources so if any of you want to upgrade to 95% of the Dueland at $30 per cap, try out the German Audyn True Copper Caps. Btw there is no US distributor. You have to order directly from Germany.
Sean is entitled to his opinion and I respect that.Perhaps for his specific application this could be an acurate statement.
I`ll say this, there are numerous people on this site who have extensive experience with many of the highly regarded capacitors(at their expense). They would say there`re certainly good value to be found in some less costly caps that deliver true bang for the buck.I don`t believe that the 30.00 capacitor(though very good) is that close in performance to the Duelund VSF or CAST(maybe it`s close to the Duelund Alexander).I `ve use V-Caps(TFTF and OIMP) and Soni Platinum and they were quite good.The Duelund is just in a different class of performance.The CAST installed in my speaker and DAC provided stunning improvement(no hyperbole).This is one of those cases where more money actually yields more sound quality(this is`nt always true in High End audio products).Just my opinion with all due respect.
Interestingly the Zu Druid V to be reviewed in 6 Moons is having Duelund capacitors installed.I don`t know if this is due to insistence by the reviewer or was the suggestion of Zu.I wonder if Zu recommended the Audyn copper capacitor.