Anyone listen to the NPR jazz series cd's?

I was strollng through the salemusic site and found the "I heard it on NPR" cd jazz for blue nights. I ordered it and a John Coltrane/soultrane cd. The recording on the NPR disc is fantastic with artists like Miles,Cannonball Adderley,Patricia Barber, Dianne Reeves and Cassandra Wilson. Look up this site and try this cd if your into jazz. NPR has a site that should have more info on their jazz series.
I listen to NPR(National Public Radio) though the only NPR station near me is WMHT which is a classical station and now that I listen for about 9-16 hours a day(at work) I have become a big classical fan. The service is great and next time they have a membership drive I will suscribe(they don't have commercials), they rely on listeners to make donations to keep things going, basic membership status starts at a dollar a day(well worth it for at least 9 hours a day of music) but you can donate as much or as little but $365 a year is the minimum to get membership benefits. I wish there was a NPR jazz station in my area that would be the cat's pajamas. You can find out more about local NPR in your area at or (public radio music service) is a place to buy music usually at fair prices- proceeds benefit the NPR stations in your area. I appreciate the heads up about an NPR Jazz cd I will have to find that. The funny thing about NPR is that I enjoy it at work but don't even have Tuner at home :) maybe one day that will change.
You may want to try listening to WDET from Detroit online at They have a great jazz program M-F 7 to 10 p.m. (EST). I garauntee that no matter how much you know about jazz, you will learn something, or be exposed to another artist previously unknown to you. Ed Love lives and breathes jazz, and has been doing his program from Wayne State for almost two decades. Actually, WDET has wonderful programs all day and night with a wide variety of music types. This has been the only station that I spend any time listening to since the late 70's.Give it a try.
How you will port the signal through your audio system is another matter...Good luck

THere is another NPR station in our area that does play jazz although only in the evening. That is WAMC, 90.3 on your FM dial. Most of the programming though is news and public affairs. The evening and week end programing includes jazz, folk, bluegrass and live music.
Rudy- Thanks, I'll look into it- do you listen to 89.1 ever?
I generally listen to WAMC rather than WMHT. I am not much of a classic music fan.

I recently gave away the old analog Denon tuner I had. I have a lot of RF issues since I use a separate DAC and jitter reducer with my digital front end.

In its stead, I bought a Tivoli radio to listen to FM, I usually listen to radio in the background rather than serious listening. The radio is in another room and has a pleasant though not audiophile sound.

Note that some of the news shows such as " All Things Considered", "Morning Edition" and "Weekend Edition" will feature stories on musicians and music of all kinds. Recent stories have included:

A book on Muddy Waters.
An interview with Peter Gabriel.

The additional information has broadened my musical horizons since commercial radio is extremely limiting and has poor quality sound to put it politely.
No. Saw one used recently, but didn't buy it.
I must say that many evenings are spent with Eric In The Evening on WGBH in Boston. With my Magnum Dynalab, or just in the car, his warmth, cheer, and utter musical knowledge continually entertains. Bravo!