anyone listen to the new Ayre V5 or V6

After listing to the new superamp Ayre v1x (the best i have heard) i bougth the Arye V6 (wich i 3 V5 in the same box) six channel without listing first(not i stock here in Scandinavia) I will use it for triamping Audio Artistry and hope its almost as god as V1X. Any opinions on V5 or V6? Anyone agrees that the v1x is on of the best amps around?
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Hi Ulf,

How is it sounding? Are the mids very airy and tubelike with good dimensionality?

Is the soundstage deep and very layered?

Just curious!

I noticed that they reduced idle power consumption by over 1/2 compared to the V3, & by over 1/3 compared to the V1. Does it still have the 'air' & staging of the V3?
I have using Ayre V3MKIII over 4 years.

I have listen V5 & V5x, I found that the audiophile sounding has been degraded when compare with V3 MKIII (Upgraded from MKII in yr 2000), V5 & V5x are thin in vocal & mid range, mid range not rich, and less detail in full range perfomance during compare V3MKIII, the vocal and instruments (eg. Violin, cello & piano) apart to real instruments very far, bass control inadequate.

Moreover, the internal component of V5 & V6 have been down graded, they use too much IC & EI transformer, I believe that these are the main reason why the new products (whatever V5,V5x, V6 & other preamp) are poor than V3, V1, K3x & K1x).

I think they discountinue the famous V3 to develop new series products, the reason is very obviously, since V3 with very best components and design, so the production & maintenance cost may be too large.

On the other hand, Before, between V3 & V1 are no another choice, and the different between V3 & V1 are not too big during compare with their prices. So most of people like V3 than V1, since V3 is lower prices with same grade or very close to the performance of V1 / V1x.
the V3 was discontinued due to high production costs. even after two price increases they were getting too expensive to build them anymore - this info comes directly from Ayre personnel during a conversation I had with them. Ayre is a great company & they support their customers & products very well even for discontinued items
Just wondering if anyone has had the same misfortune that I have had with two failures. Ayre replaced the first DX-5 player that failed in the first 30 days and had to replace the OPPO laser drive in the second player after it failed in the first 30 days. I have played this repaired unit about 100 hrs with no issues so far. It is the best source I have ever owned.

It is a shame Charles Hansen and company did not have the courtesy to reply to two letters I sent them. I only received an email from them when I placed an ad to sell the unit here on audiogon, since I was so disgusted after the second failure. But since it does sound great, with my REF5 and Ayre V5 and Magnepan 1.7s I guess I will keep it.
I am sorry that your experience was less than ideal. I have always had great experience with Ayre and their customer support. That said, if I had a problem on a 10k player my first call would have been to my dealer. I know he would have taken care of me and probably provided me with a temporary substitute while my unit was being fixed or replaced,
It is too bad that you had two failures but it sounds like Ayre has been taking care of you. Ayre has a great reputation for customer service and it appears that this is another example.
thank you rufipenis for your incite full reply.
How do the MXR monos compare in overall sound quality?
I am really enjoying my v5xe purchased this last July. Much less grain and much more musical than the Krell 302 which I have sold, not that the Krell did not have a lot of dynamic range and a great sound. I have heard the MXRs and they are fantastic, more dynamic range and extension. However, I agree with my dealer that the V5xe has a very desirable warmth that we do not hear as much of with the mono mxrs.
"I have heard the MXRs and they are fantastic, more dynamic range and extension. However, I agree with my dealer that the V5xe has a very desirable warmth that we do not hear as much of with the mono mxrs."