Anyone listen to the Dodson 218 DAC?

I have asked this Q before but got now answer. I think by now somebody must have experince with this DAC. Can it compete with the now so popular Meitner DAC 6 on reedbook?
Hi - I'm sorry I can't help you on this. I do find it surprising that no one visiting on-line audio sites seems to have heard the 218. I also find it strange that definitive comparisons of the 217II-D, before and after the latest upgrade, are pretty much non-existent. As a happy owner of that DAC, I find both of these things quite frustrating.
There are a rave review of dodson 218 on new internet zine Ultimate Audio. But thats the first time I read something of 218 on the net. Nobody seems to have bougth the DAC since I have asked 4 times on Audiogon and Audioasylum on opinions and got no anser.
My problem with the Dodson 2l8 (and the reason I went in a different direction) is that if you had a 2l7 Mk II D, the upgrade offered would only get you about 30% of the way to a 218. To go to the 218 would involve selling the 217 for about $3500.00 (50% depreciation) and then forking over another $4500.00 for the 218. This is why I got rid of both the Sony SCD 777ES, and the Dodson 217, and got the Esoteric DV-50, which plays redbook CD's better than the 217, plus excellent playback of SACD's and DVD Audio discs.
Unfortunately the Dodsons never were the serious D/A processors and they are always were meant only to impress the Hi-Fi idiotism of the audio reviewers and the AA’s moronic taste. Why do you think their new model would be different then the 217?

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