Anyone Listen to Invisible Empire by KT Tunstall?

A slowed countrified effort with a little reverb. Nice sonics.
Thanks for the heads up! I've always really liked KT. I listened to this on Spotify and decided to order the CD.

Great recommendation!
Yes indeed, I find it a lovely cd for late night listening!
Love this cd. I have all her cd's and think this one is her best work. It is recorded well too.
Thanks! for sharing. Love KT and love he fact that Invisible Empire is on Blue Note = sold!

Her catalog is excellent- not a bad release overall.
Happy Listening!
I did a mini review on Amazon (SLS) when it came out (vinyl). I found it somewhat an acquired taste. The thing that made me order it without listening was that it was recorded by Howe Gelb @ his home studio. From my memory, (I recently pulled it out to listen again but the Beatles Mono Box arrived), I felt that her best is yet to come. This one was analog sounding and after a comment posted to my review, that confirmed that it was recorded to a tape machine.
The cover photography is almost worth the price of the (lp)!
thanks for the tip, outstanding!
Mofimadness: You really need to get it on lp!
Slaw...I thought I'd try the CD first since I got it used for a really good price. If I like it as much as I think I will, I will definately get the LP. Thanks!
This is my favorite cd's of 2014- it's that good!