Anyone listen to Audio Research 150M / 150.2 amp??

The AR 150M and 150.2 are both based on Tripath
"class T" digital amplifier topology.

How do they sound to your ears?

Any comparaison with best solod-state multichannel amps
(BAT VK-6200, Theta Drednought) and other "class T" amps (BelCanto eVo)???

i have the 150.2 and have used it for 3months. i had tube gear, but i purchased maggie's 1.6 and needed dealer sent me a musical fidelity amp and it was awfull. when the arc arrived and hooked up, it was perfic right out of the box. all attached equipment disappeared and all that was left was the music.there is also a sense of quality in the listening. the soundstaging and instrument placing is awesome. after about a month of breakin. the soundstaging became even bigger. i listen to all kinds of music,jazz,pop,vocals,classical. and all sound great.this amp is extremely neutral(no coloring what so ever).my system constists of: arc amp,audible illisions mod 3a(also joule electra ls100II). both sound great. fmj cd23player,vpi 3.5 reference turntable. hiighly recommend.
I now own a 150.2 after giving up a much beloved Bryston 4B ST. No comparison in soundstage and sweetness, the Audio Research walks on it with no loss of detail, yet no listener fatigue either. The Bryston could be a shade etched at higher volumes, the A/R never gets harsh. Fabulous bottom end weight too which I thought I'd give up losing the Bryston, but did not. I now have a LS-12 pre amp from Audio Research, and the 150.2. Killer combination!!