Anyone listen to an Aesthetix Atlas amp yet?

I have read the show reports, but wonder if any dealers have received this amp yet. If so and you had an opportunity to listen there, at home, or you happen to own one, what do you think about this amp? Does it compete with the best out there? Is it on the same level of performance and quality as Jim's preamps? Thanks in advance.
Wonder if it will be as trouble free as all the Calypsos and Rheas out there?
I heard it yesterday at the LA/Orange County Audio Society meeting. It's impressive physically and Jim White was on hand to talk about the design (Charles Hansen of Ayre contributed from what Jim said) which is a hybrid tube/ss featuring 6SN7 tubes and bipolar transistors putting out around 200 watts. As for sound, in this particular showroom the amp was being used with an Aesthetix preamp and phono, along with a Clear Audio table and Aurum Acoustics CDP. I can't remember which speakers. Overall I thought the sound was very good given the environment, but a tad bright, which could have been the result of other factors besides the equipment. At its price point there are a lot of options.