Anyone listen to Alva.Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto?

A friend just gave me the album Vrioon by Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto. I'm only listening to it on my headphones and all I can say is WOW. This is some wild stuff with really compelling sonics. I'm sort of at a failure to describe it. Very dischordant and minimalist piano overlayed/interwoven with all sorts of digital feedback (Sakamoto is a pretty pioneering electronic composer) Anyone else able to do this a little better justice with the (digital) pen?
If you like Vrioon, check out "Casa" by Sakamoto, Paula Morelenbaum (vocals) and Jaques Morelenbaum (cello). Killer stuff.
Thanks for the tip Bill!
Wish I'd seen this earlier...I'm amazed by all of the Sakamoto/Noto cds: Vrioon, Summvs, Insen, Revep. Acoustic piano, glitch, combinations thereof, with a touch of dub. Previously unheard sounds that make perfect sense.

Recorded immaculately, like most of that German stuff (Raster-Noton, Basic Channel, Kompakt).

You might want to try some Sakamoto with Christopher Willits (Ocean Fire, Ancient Futures). Also, Taylor Deupree, Stephan Mathieu. Deupree has also done collabs with Willits, and Mathieu, among others. 12k label, here in US. And of course, Fennesz. A lot of great stuff out there these days that you might call electronica, or ambient, or something. Good listening.
How refreshing to see this thread here.

I also love all of their collaborations, beautiful records.
Raster-Noton has been putting out leading edge electronic
stuff for a long time. I'd say the records you are referring
to are much more "musical" than most, the rest
leaning harder to the more experimental/noise side of
things. I particularly like the Senking and Vladislav Delay
(also has releases on several other labels, all of which are
outstanding) Raster Noton records. I also like the Kangding
Ray and Byetone Raster Noton releases quite a bit. Agree,
the sonics on this stuff is top notch. There is a 24bit
digital version of the last Byetone record that is insane.

I'm listening a lot to a new release on Pan, Lee Gamble's
"Diversions 1994-1996". Pan is another interesting
experimental label. Some of the Pan stuff get's outside of
my noise limits but I really like this release.

Again, great to see fans of these genre's here.
Ironically, I posted in another thread yesterday a
recommendation for the Grishca Lichtenberger release's both on
Raster Noton and Semantica. These again lean harder to the
experimental side but I think they are brilliant works.
Can't believe I forgot to mention Kangding Ray and Byetone. I particularly like the new Byetone, and his earlier cd, Death Of A Typographer.

Vladislav Delay, Senking, yes...I'll also throw in Thomas Koner. I love his "chilly" cds, like Daikan. And Biokinetics, his cd as Porter Ricks (with one of the founders of Basic Channel), has been remastered and rereleased, finally.

Would people like Lawrence English and Christopher Bissonette also be names that folks have heard? How about zoviet france and Rapoon? Oldies but goodies.

I'll have to check out the Pan stuff, and the Lichtenberger. Like I said, I think it's a great time for this sort of...thing.
I have a couple recommendations for fans of the Alva Noto + Sakamoto series...

Szymon Kaliski "From Scattered Accidents"

Beautiful piece of ambient/modern classical, extremely mature for a first LP. This on the Kitchen Label, most of which is pretty nice so you may want to explore their other offerings.

Pill-oh "Vanishing Mirror"

I hate the artists name, how ridiculous, but man is this a beautiful piece of music. Also on Kitchen, slightly more colorful than the above recommendation but still quiet, meandering, home listening stuff.
Thanks for recommendations! I'll check both of those out.

In the "weird name, great sounds" vein: Nicholas Szczepanik's "Please Stop Loving Me". Ambient/drone; very warm. One review described it as "hangar-sized". It's not his first work, but he's also very young.
If you dig Sakamoto, try the LP "Left Handed Dream".Many musicians are on it with Sakamoto, including Adrian Belew (yes, he of 80's King Crimson fame), and Robin Scott. Epic Records released it back in 1981.